Monday, December 15, 2008

begging npp ???


my blog has become a 'clasico' political...but see i can't help it especially so that i view that every decision a man or woman makes in this world is political however remote!

clearing my head:
just what i've been crying out loud about for so long that it makes my head ache!
pal, there's always a thin line between genuine and fake if it's not obvious. true! look again and you would see! and i don't know what i mean so don't even ask. but don't get put off if you wanna just!

but see, the last time George Bush sounded like apologetic for his folly-play i posed the question: sober bush??? and then not long after that Kufour sounded cool to my ears in a long while which made me scream out loud 'for once!'

but now something funny is happening...really funny pal! sudenly...all of a sudden after the mighty fall of folks like Asamoah Boateng when even known (to me) npp followers are nodding their heads and thanking God for deliverance from the claws of arrogance...suddenly......suddenly pal, the npp and it's Kufuor led executive are cutting the price of fuel, releasing 'mistaken' prisoners and ultimately going down on their knees to beg folks for forgiveness for votes! (what wrongs done they haven't told -- juxtapose that with the more (the word is more) specific Bush apology).

and yet the sound of more 'sudden' goodies are to play into the pockets of workers...cocoa farmers... and one can only wait to is it true that these npp guys mean well??? or are they just trying to be cunny? only to get back to squeezing our balls (and breasts to square!) after we allow ourselves to be 'bought' by their sudden show of good sense! which good sense the majority of Ghanaians (statistics from first round of 2008 elections where clearly majority want change) have been talking about and yet they have always come back at us with nonsensicals like Kufuor's own 'bring the evidence' throw-about!

Playing God?:
exactly pal...(exactly what? you must ask!) but I must admit that that is not a joke to take... i can't play God! but why? like i said, it's just a thin line between what is fake and what is genuine especially when it is not obvious! but this one? pal, i won't even waste my time any further! point is, i can't be fooled.

but most importantly pal, let it even be that they now (of all time) just have woken up to reality and genuinely so! let it be! then what? then... it is a welcome wake but CHANGE must still be effected... we must kick them out of power to send a clear signal to all politicians that they must not and must just not take us the electorate for granted!!!

and we must sustain such course...any politician who plays the mess with us...we kick him out...and we might have just allow him back after some time when he/she demonstrates enough that they deserve another chance!



Muze said...

hey hun!

i'll be by later to leave a 'real' comment. just wanted to let you know i was here. and thank you for that nice comment!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Nov, 'squeeze our balls and breasts'? That was thumping! The words you choose/create in your blog are so fresh and original. Plus I agree with you about change, but only generally, and not specific to the now of Ghana politics (though I do not also disagree with you about that). The spectre of change hanging in, and haunting the midnight beds of policians will make them realise they are really our servants and not the other way round. If we must have change to let that begin to stick in Ghana, then Change we must have!

Anonymous said...

Hi Novisi,
Just came across your blog. I hope the "change" that the NDC hopes to bring lives up to your optimistic expectations. From your politico musings I can surmise that you may have been too young to remember PNDC 1979 - 1992 and NDC 1992 - 2000. I will not hold it against you.
However, if the NDC does win, I would be interested in getting your perspective in 2 years time when the realisation(s) that:
A. you can't teach an old dog new tricks and also that
B. politicians are ALL same
Set in.

In the end, the "change" you are advocating may be more of a pretty catch-phrase facade that gives way to a sweet nothing reality.

novisi said...

hey muze!

thanks for passing by!


novisi said...

Nana Yaw,
hahahahahaha! i like the sound of the echo you bring...about balls and breasts and squeeze(ing)!!

As for politics it's just my prayer no matter how naive that we get to have it cleaner so a lot more people can partake willingly and's the one sure way to keep the bad nuts check-mated in the 'game'!

I hear you!

novisi said...

Janet (Anonymous)...Hi and thanks for coming across! you are always welcome here warmly!

now, before i start (even though i've already started) let me say that i'm not a 'labels' fanatic... in other words ndc or npp does not really matter as per the content for me! now i can start...ok!

yes i might have been young and perhaps by fortune design not to have directly suffer from the atrocities of PNDC in it's early inception (1981-1992, note correction...not 1979 for pndc) and only that!

I remember some of the years of the pndc to 1992 and sure i remember the years of the ndc (for becuase of them i had to stay home for one extra year before entering univ. due to students 'moborowa' strike) and the Selasie Jentu's case remains a classic! Those and more I would always hold against the ndc.

so really i'm open for don't worry about holding anything against me...cos i'd be ready to point out whether whatever is being held against me is of merit or not...

but, I see that your reference to pndc and ndc paint's a picture of human right's record...fine! how about the Danquah-Busia people who bombed this nation just to get Kwame Nkrumah! how about the 'matemeho' people??? how about the violence in the present npp??? i'm sure you might have heard about the torture and killing of Isa Mobila in 2004 at least!!

I'm trying to rise above pettiness and i pray you do same!

violence is violence is violence!!!

Sure, my perspective in two years after an ndc win ((if) and i appreciate that under the circumstances that's what my call for change boils down to) would be freely assured...but:

A. we are talking about human beings here and not dogs thankfully... in fact, this thing about old dogs...don't you think it's just a fallacy borne out of unexamined limitations of some fellow men?

B. That politicians are all the same is basically NOT TRUE! it is not true that Mandela is the same as Kufuor...No!'s not true that Kwame Nkrumah is/was same as Adolf Hitler! that is not true no matter how you want to look at it.

even so, if you want to stretch it, then since all human beings are politicians as we take whatever level of political decision or the other then it must be just ok for tickling oneself to say that all politicians are same since all humans are same! right, wrong???

In the end, the "change" i'm advocating will NEVER be more of a pretty catch-phrase facade that gives way to a sweet nothing reality BECAUSE the 'change' i'm advocating is one that transcends ndc and npp because it is a call to PRINCIPLES that would always stand the test of time.

for example, i'm calling for change from 'labeling properties belonging to Ghana as "npp government achievement" to no such labels because it would only amount to playing 'foolish' if all political parties that get to rule this nation only resort to labeling our properties to advertise the political parties! This is one thing that obviously divides a nation!

so therefore, i'm saying if we have the opportunity to effect change, because our politics so far is bedeviled with nonsense and let's not think twice!

let's not be bogged down with 'scare mongering'...we must dare to change and demand change!

i've even said so many times already that if i were Akuffo Addo i wouldn't think it sensible to continue with Kufuor's legacy since that is nothing to write home about!


I hope you come back Janet! i'm happy to debate!

Maya said...

Janet: Spot on!
Novisi, I hope you do catch up well on yuor history, perhaps speak to one of the many, many, many innocent people who were affected by the PNDC/NDC years and think again before referring in any way to what happened then as rising above pettiness. It is so much more than that!

As for Isa Mobila's death, kindly read up on that too before making inaccurate statements. A death during the NPP regime does not mean it was an order of the NPP regime, but rather in this case most likely (but my speculation only) the sad after-effects of Rawlings' horrid regime.

novisi said...

thanks for calling me to catch-up with history! i do appreciate that.

but i notice you 'spot' Janet 'spot-on!'... but did you notice or spot that she stated that PNDC started from 1979??? i hope you spot that and remind her to check her history too cos history is time bound!

but you see Maya!
I wonder how many of the innocent killings or murders of the pndc regime were orders of that regime! even Sellasie Jentu's case, was that an order of the ndc regime???

I think this principle is an issue i would put to the test soon as a full blog!

in any case, what at all happened during the pndc/ndc era that can be compared to the atrocities of the slave raids of yesteryears! from which our own black fellows benefited? and what should i hold such beneficiaries and their heirs to???

Maya, do you get my drift? if you don't then what i mean is that if even myself or my father was killed, tortured or 'fried-up' by some regime innocently even, it doesn't matter so far as principles are concerned! and I believe that is why we are rational beings!

i know that the word 'pettiness' strikes 'some way!' but it must be is just a word after all!

so the point is that it is petty to refer to only pndc/ndc regime as violent when same traces of violence can be found in the regime of others! and i notice that you did not refer to the 'matemeho' i mentioned which still is traceable to the npp forebears!

are we really sure we can compare what happened during the UP attempts to overthrow Nkrumah and the 'matemeho' days to the pndc/ndc era???

above all, are we not all supposed to be Ghanaians? or some are more Ghanaian?

for thought, i for one feel very much insulted when i hear people touting Danquah-Busia as models for this country when in actual fact these were men on the payroll of the CIA against Nkrumah! but i try to rise above all that...that is what i call rising above pettiness...that i'm ready now to accommodate such!

So let no one pretend that pndc/ndc is the only regime that has acted evil in this univers!

but you see Maya, i find it rather interesting, that you want to hold Rawlings responsible for the death of Isa Mobila however speculative that is according to you own admission! so why do that? if not for the fact that there is that unwillingness to separate the facts! or some other unwillingness?

Most people in Ghana know the story of Isa Mobila as the cpp northern chairman who surrendered himself to the police only to end up being tortured by military men to death in 2004 under Kufuor and npp! you tell me how Rawlings comes in there?

If you ask my candid opinion, I would say let all Ghanaians especially all those who think they are old enough and lived through the era of pndc/ndc be sincere and take part of the blame! let us be sincere! Did people like Prof. Adu Boahene not hail the PNDC??? (not even AFRC but PNDC)! how many Ghanaians did not call for 'let the holy-war continue'???

it is my prayer and dream that one day soon, we all will come to realise and repent from our wrongs and rise above pettiness!

i even feel that at this juncture i can refer to the holy Bible of all hollies and dare say-->let him/her without sin cast the first stone!

so Maya, i don't need to speak to anyone to realise that principles must apply! and they must apply across board!

Ultimately, let us be fair...and i dare say let us rise above pettiness no matter how hurt we may be or how much hatred we may have for another man or woman!

Maya, the debate continues i guess!

Maya said...

Aaargh, Novisi I wrote the longest comment, then my connection crashed! The jist of it was that the reason the PNDC/NDC atrocities are still mentioned are because people leading the party then are still at the forefront of it now, so for the victims, it's still too close too home.

Anyway I see the fact that my last comment didn't come up as a sign that there's no need to further delve into the matter. After all I think we both want free and fair elections where the party the people have chosen wins.

We are all Ghanaians and should look forward to living together in peace and harmony under democratic governance.

How's leaving it at that? :)

novisi said...

O Maya!
too bad that long one never came through...

it started getting to me that i write too long a comment and i'd love to have you beat me to it!

anyway! I'm with you on the jist... that i understand perfectly and i wish people would be sincere just to put it that way!

at least then we have to only agree to disagree or find some loving grounds!

so yeah i get the jist and i understand the jist with all human heart! that i do!

only typical of me, as if i did not have a heart, i would still try to persuade that we shed off a bit or more of the emotions!

haven't you just touched that part of me that i don't want to show??? ...emotional me! though i still want to say that it still remains on the debating floor!