Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sober Bush???

This man has earned my DIS-respect pal. He is Bush the bush!

but I love him. I love Bush as a human being just as i love Hitler any day as a human being just as I love love Mandela just as I love Mobuto just as I love Obama anyday. They are or were all human like me, with good, bad, mad, WONDERFUL, beautiful, foolish and idiotic attributes! some more than others definitely...Maaaaad-NESS!!

so Bush says he regrets? (some)

well, thanks to 'Mawu Sokpolisa' (God the Sokpolisa) that he does if really he does! at least it shows that he perhaps now more than ever realises that the world is more complex than telling us that you're either with him or against him. Such a myopic two-dimensional way of looking at life. shit! (ah this word! ... lovely word).

so well, Bush, I'm listening. but to say you regret is not enough...apologize and repent!

and then I might just listen again...maybe, just might earn some of the respect back...that certainly is a tough challenge for you Mr. Bush...cos i wonder if by any measure you can earn it'll have to work extra hard...and you might just get it back...cos it can only be earned.

but I assure you Mr. Bush, I love you!


Muze said...

well, you're a good one, novisi.

cause i certainly don't love his behind.


hope all is well hunny.

novisi said...

lol, Muze!

that's a 'fart one' on the behind!!!

yes gal! i'm digging that one. and i certainly won't ever go there never!

keeping up the flame as ever Muze!