Monday, November 10, 2008

Golden Jubilee House ???

Pal dear,

talk about doing good things wrongly!

Ghana today witnessed a 'funny rush' by Kufuor to commission a so called Golden Jubilee House for a presidential palace.

and Kufuor the president says (among loads of trash as justification) that the money for it from India was God sent for Ghana! That's what he said...and what do I have to say? simple, yooooooooooooooooooo!

For the records, and perhaps for a note of history (everything is history these days), I must say that I'm not against our leader (I always prefer 'leader' to the label 'president') having a fitting place for an abode 'complexed' with offices for government biz like No. 10 downing street in London or the Aso Rock in Nigeria. I have no problem with that principle, No!

But clearly, most of the arguments (and i say most) being advanced by the leader of Ghana and his cronnies simply do not fly no matter what perfect wings one may find for them. They constantly make it look like anyone having a problem with the ediffice is against the idea. I dare say either they 'just don't get it' or that they are out there to throw mud and more mud into our clear eyes!

one of such arguments is that the current seat of government (the Osu Castle) does not fit because it once served the colonial master's slave trade. And I just don't understand this spill of shit...for want of a better expression??? (maybe). but seriously I don't think this is a good point to make cos then at this juncture, one may dare to ask: why are we still residing in this country? why don't we relocate somewhere yet to be discovered on earth (if there's any such place) BECAUSE SLAVERY OR SLAVE TRADE WAS CARRIED OUT IN THE WHOLE LAND and the Osu Castle only served as on of those many points?

why do we continue to glorify our chiefs and kings when a load of them are descendants of slave masters or human trafickers (i'm one who is totally against any rule by a so called chief or king by the way anyway all the way)! why don't we even escape the whole earth because we are too holly to submit to the lessons of slavery! what a shameful argument to make the construction of a so called Golden Jubilee House!

so the building is not fully completed and yet Kufuor my beloved Kuffused wants to rush in there and start doing whatever there...after making so much noise earlier that he wasn't even interested in moving into the building before the end of his term.

By the way and for the records, one of my main concerns with this whole building is the siting. I THINK THE SITING IS JUST TOO WRONG. bcos it does not take into consideration the fact me think that Accra has more than become motor-traffic choked! For this simple exercise of commissioning to be done today, traffic flow had to be blocked first...and the police announced it...sad, me say! so Ghanaians must be ready for more of such inconvenient blockades to allow for the all too vissionless endeavour of Kufuor my beloved Kuffused!

I wonder how many years this building would serve a meaningful purpose if nothing is done about the traffic-flow! I've been too Nigeria to see the Aso Rock and for me that is what I would call vission. In as much as I would love (not like) government to be close and closer to the people but ours actually makes a lot of nonsense of good judgement! bcos right infront of the premises is one of the major roads in Accra that also leads to the 37 military hospital-an easy reason for allowing free uninhibitted flow of traffic...but hey, someone thinks not obviously!

I would not have a problem if some place like Cantoments or Roman Ridge is where this building was rather located away from heavy traffic.

and what is Kufuor saying we should call it? GOLDEN JUBILEE HOUSE? well for a Kuffused who labels a ministry as 'Ministry of Tourism and Mordenisation of The Capital City' (yes...The Capital City...yes, mannnnnnn!) I don't find this out of place at all. It sounds sweetly in line with a certain philosophy (mindset?) which i find hard to fanthom!

I think seriously Ghanains deserve better than this building which i don't know how long it would serve us! I have a feeling it won't be long before we realise how useless a thing we've done to ourselves (did i just include me? I don't want to- I'm a free man no matter how i'm tied in man).

meanwhile, the French Embassy is still within the premisses as Kufuor goes ahead to commission. I, (comma) am not going to belabour the security concerns of the French Embassy...but i just think that their presence in the premisses is just outa place enough! somebody get them outa there b4 it's too late!

talk about doing good things wrongly!

man, the whole move is just too wrong mennnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....................................................


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Novisi, from my clear, unmuddied eyes, this, once again, is very clear writing. Good read, for literature.

Benedict said...

What makes you hate this so much.

It's a wonderful presidential palace for Ghana

This is not the first time a 80% completed project is being commissioned...and if you listened carefully he said this naming and dedication was the first of a series of event/processes to finally move the seat of government. Or ur brains couldn't discern the sense in his words?

Traffic was blocked only for this day...cuz of the my dear idiotic friend...stop assuming that will be the case always...

novisi said...

thanks for crystallizing the literature out of all the mud...

this was just another of a rush post in questioning humanity especially leadership in an ultimate quest to fully celebrate man!


novisi said...

Benedict dear,
I must say that i love the totality of the challenge of your comment! LOVE, yes!

First, I wonder what you refer to as 'this' in your first line. so far as i'm concerned i addressed a number of issues about the so called Golden Jubilee House. so which one? or u meant 'these'???

so a lovely question to you is what is the subject of the hate (i did not use that word) that you question? please tell...

I guess I can take from your second line a sum of your comment.

so I see that most (if not all) of what you see are WONDERS...and so that is how i see your!

you see? you might genuinely be wowed by the 'WONDERFUL presidential palace for Ghana' and i don't have a problem with that WONDERFUL FEELING OF YOURS but i must certainly reserve the right to also tell what i think (and I'm still yet to mention 'feel') about the 'palace'.

I mean, is that a decree from you? as in are you decreeing from you and only you that "It's a wonderful presidential palace for Ghana". Therefore, there should be no question or concern?

if so, then, that must be strange indeed even thought it is not strange at all!...hehehehehe... I mean again, what did they say about beauty and the eye of the beholder and where it lies in all glory? Or must we abide by your 'decree' so and so with stubbornness???

your third paragraph: it's interesting you point out that it's not the first time that an 80% completed project is being commissioned.(are you sure it's 80%? how did you measure? i've heard close to 100% *close to* thus ninety-something...and there me go as if it was too important).

but does it matter that it's not the first? and can I guess that it won't be the last for human beings ever? sweet guess! laughter is good? bad?

back to point->so I said it was a rush commissioning and that can't be true? Even you yourself admit it is, however subtly by stating that it's 80% you see still? or a little focus would aid?

isn't it funny how sometimes we (my self idiotically included...i love your name-calling...i'd get to that on) just swallow statements made by leaders?

I mean need I listen carefully to Kufuor before realising that the seat of government can't in all human power (except by Antoa Nyama skills, perhaps!) be moved 'boom' like 'cut and paste'?

So there too i know you try to make a point but that point is weak...very weak...too weak...because we all know that already...even donning of clothes to cover ones nakedness is always a process...try it again with more attention and see...(if you've not seen already!)

SO I DID NOT SAY THERE WON'T BE PROCESSES TO CARRY OUT to move the seat of government...what i said and which i will always say is that the commissioning was a RUSH and you agree with me (remember? refer to your comment) that the project is only 80% complete.

A RUSH IS A RUSH IS A HASTE...there can hardly be anything false about that!

so i'm sure my brains can discern the sense (was there any really? i ask) or NONSENSE in his [Kufuor's] words...sure...i'm sure of mine at least!

Traffic? I wonder how you could stick your neck out so long on behalf of the powers that be? how did you manage that on the issue of the traffic blockade? I envy you dear! but i wish not for such spirit! cos it would work against my natural me!

I admit that I assume that it won't be the last time that traffic is blocked in connection with the so called Golden Jubilee House. I admit. but i would do that all over again if given that chance. I would always assume that there are a number more (or many more) of traffic blocks to come to the poor Ghanaman just because of this Golden Jubilee House!

and why won't I assume when the physical location of the building itself just calls for it! I'm not just assuming for the sake of it...I state a premise sorry Benedict, I can't and won't stop assuming that more traffic block will come!
"ei go come waa waaa waaaa!"

now, my best part was you addressing me (this one!) as your 'idiotic friend' (however you mean that). I love that WILL to express oneself freely if even from the anus! and let NO ONE stand in the way of free words! not even Barack Obama against his former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright!

I pray for the day that LEDERSHIP would see that they must not in any way stand in way of enjoyment of such basic right! it's one of my personal crusades! words don't kill!

but what? I'm more careful to refer to a man's or a woman's action/inaction as such-->idiotic, foolish, crazy, mad...madness and what-have-you (that i don't have)? I try not to attack their persons or total embodiment as such! and i thought i was okay at doing that...but I must say with all idiocy that you really come across champ on that one!

with more love to you!
your idiotic friend still!

Naa Borteley said...

This is a good analytical piece worth reading. Thumbs up!!! Novisi. Ghanaians have a right to ask legitimate questions abouts projects such as these. I must admit that, I am not against having a premise to serve as a seat of government and residency of a Ghanaian head of state. I am totally against a "mad rush" to commission uncompleted projects and take glory for work uncompleted. What lesson does this kind of practice teach the youth of this country, who are witnesses to such deeds. As the old adage goes "Work while you work n play while you play,.......... things done by halves are never done right." We should never allow people of this country to even reside in uncompleted buildings or compounds where serious construction work is taking place cos this poses some danger to human life n yet, what do we see? Commissioning of, if i may add, "belated Golden Jubillee House".
By the way, considering the speed with which this building was put up, can we Guarantee it's quality n lifespan?? Well, all we hope is that no one comes back in no time to burden the tax payer about money to renovate part "a" or "b" of this building. For me," Everything that glitters is not Gold." Pretty as it may look today, lets give some time n see the true quality this building is made of.
Well, but for what is yet to come after the President permanently resides there, your guess is as good as mine. The ordinary Ghanaian who wakes up so early to beat the traffic, and who is not a VIP so cannot use Sirene's and motorcades to jump the traffic, must definitely prepare for the heaviest traffic situation on thee Tetteh Quarshie to Ako Adjei Interchange stretch of road.

I can go on n on n on but lets continue some other time. If we truly love Ghana as we profess, in all things, after allowing The Almighty God to take his place, we will Give Ghana also a high place. Its all about God and its all about Ghana, Its not about any single Ghanaian or group of Ghanaians, Political party "A" or "B".

Arise, Ghanaians Arise, the Nation demands your devotion. Lets "Speak True and Right Wrong" Ghana has a big bright future, We can make it n we will get there? Lets keep focus its all about focus, good planning and prioritization. I have said my bit n i welcome any comments. As is popularly said,"Lets agree to disagree" Cheers!!!

novisi said...

hi Naa,
that's a powerful one from you!

i salute!

and i love your dig @ "belated Golden Jubillee House". whoa! that's a bomb!

and sure we must all have the right to speak our minds freely because at the end of the day not all of us get to be part of the decision making!

and we must speak our minds forcefully! more power to you!

and hey! that was also a clarion closing call by you... i personally have hardly felt part of the establishment Ghana in spirit. It's become just a happening for me. not much else. unfortunately or fortunately i really feel like transcending the borders of this country and those of any other country there is in this world.

I've come to believe that the human spirit must not be confined by such boundaries! thus if a man in Afghanistan is hungry i must care as much as the little babe who cries in Somalia cos the mothers breast is not nourished enough!