Saturday, November 8, 2008

NO, @bama!

I won't wait for Obama to take the oath of office no! no, Obama no...I won't wait!

sure I gave my support to Obama from the very onset in the race for the presidency...and I would do it all over again should same contest be staged out in a 'nostalgic' replay (you know i really wish the contest wasn't over so soon!).

I just finished listening in to BBC radio and David Amanor is in Ghana pitching his own cross-breed self (we call them half-cast in Ghana) under the focus on Obama's race- is he black or white? he want's to know what Ghanaians think or how they relate.

me say pal again and again, let Obama be yellow or purple or green or collourless...for here we go again on this interesting but non-essential!

but hey, the deal is done and now we face the real issues: Iran is one of them. And one of the reasons I love the guy Obama was when he made it clear and i quote:
"Meeting with somebody is not tantamount to agreeing with them," READ MORE

so what has happened:
1. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, has congratulated Barack Obama on his US presidential election and called for "fundamental and fair" changes to US foreign policy. click here

that is a fair deal me think; considering how divided the world has become due to the 'all knowing' Bush who does not realise that the world is more a complex place than his 'only-two-dimensional' view that you are either for them or against them! what foolish way of reducing the world's potentials. **bite**!

so what? so Barack should simply reply to Ahmadinejad's congratulatory message. NO? it's only a message of disisive Barack...respond and tell him his concerns would be looked into...(and that wouldn't be tantamount to agreeing with him according to one of your own reasoning...why i am a supporter) that is more of a better tactical play than delaying the response.

Pal, I DETEST THE FACT THAT IRAN IS CALLED an islamic state...human beings live there for fuck sake...not merely a bunch of 'religious-no-matter-whats'. So I would not want to see any country labeled by any religious fanatic after his/her belief...LET THERE BE NO CHRISTIAN OR ISLAMIC OR ANTOA-NYAMAIC STATE(after Antoa Nyama - one of the many gods in Ghana)...we are a free people for orgasm sake!

2. And then Obama says that Iran developing nuclear weapon is unacceptable? YES IRAN CAN...yes they can! and why can't they when America has it's own stock of nuclear weapons? Pal, me think America is a funny establishment! America is the only country in all of man and woman's history to have launched an attack of weapons of mass destruction on fellow human beings-HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI OF 1945 (more here). Yet Obama want's to dance to the tune of the establishment? how dare him? And so why won't Iran blast Obama...yes they must..and i agree with them...well somehow!

Of course i fully appreciate that this sh*t (the 'i' is not visible to sting??? hehehehe) is a dangerous minefield that needs a careful and balanced head...Obama! I'd would always be hopeful...yes I would!!

So what is my take? Obama should not push Iran away further into their dark corner! Obama must measure the weight of his words carefully...afterall i don't see why he made the 'unacceptable' comment anyway because it wasn't asked for explicitly...what was asked about was the Ahmadinejad's congratulatory to whether he replied or not! transcrip here

Me think simply (and simply yes...amidst the complexity) that no one should have weapons of mass destruction in this world...not America, not Russia, not Iran and not even my own crazy self (else i would beat the whole world into submitting to my foolishness)!!!

so what? so if America want's Iran to recede from it's development of nuclear weapons then they must do better than playing God and rather bring them to the negotiation table!

cheers pal!

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