Thursday, December 18, 2008

a blast: 50% + 1

today i wanted to test my principles on jerry john rawlings or tribal politics....and...and...I will surely return to those...but...but...

This is a blast! it is...
i mean this is the kind of thing that makes me erect! up and straight! and i can't help but doth my hat (and heart) out to say tsoooo boi!!!

what am i talking about?

i definitely want the total death of the chieftain system... I believe it's an absolutely obsolete, useless, foolish and stupid (all combined) one and more, that does not give enough expression of the human spirit and yet feeds fat on the people's collective resources under some guise of custodianship! Also, this 'shit' survives on a very ill-structured succession based on lineage! so if you don't come from some 'supreme-blooded' family, you will never get to be a chief! what the hell???

So i don't respect any chief or king or queen...i just don't...I want the queen of England to be kicked out and i want the chief of my village to be put aside to allow for the freedom of man!

but that's still not what i want to talk about...

fifty percent plus one vote:
i don't respect the "chiefly" office of Dasebre Oti Boateng but I and I would doth my hat for this man anyday for doing THIS! that is what i want to talk about! THIS!!! (JUST CLICK HERE AND READ).

Dasebre Oti Boateng has come out loud and clear on this nonsense jargon of "50% + 1" that has come to characterize our presidential elections! with much respect to the man Dasebre Oti Boateng, I don't want to replay his words but even without our constitution "50% + 1" does not make sense by any mearsure! So just read for youself pal.

'npp government achievement':
but there is this other thing, and that is: where was Dasebre when people like Kufuor (who is supposed to be our president(???)) was decieving Ghanaians that the (one Ghana cedi) newly redenominated cedi was higher in value than the dollar??? where was he and where were all the men like him??? where have they all been when Kufuor and his npp has been using public funds to advertise their party under some guise of a "Ghana Then, Ghana Now" labeled as 'npp government achievement'! why not speak against this illness too???

sure npp will achieve something for Ghana, but why not label it 'government of Ghana achievement' (which is even not needed for waste of money!) instead of 'npp government achievement'! is that not a mark of a divisive strategy however obvious or obscure???

I want to see men and women come out bold to debunk any nonsense by whoever just as Dasebre the man Oti Boateng has done! It is my prayer that sooner than later we would have people responding to all issues devoid of dirty party collours! it is one of the better ways we can move forward as a nation.

cheers pal!


Obed Sarpong said...

I read that article and i wondered why such a lie has been pedalled by so-called commentators for far too long deceiving us.
You say where was Daasebre etc when npp lied. Everyone has a priority and a limit. Take it and eat it, but don't egest yet.
Let me ask: where did you see npp using public funds to advertise on the mmt buses? MMT is a runs private finances and anyone can display adverts on their buses once they pay them. SEE SEE SEE, it's just like anyone could advertise on AMA billbords or pay for the spot.
I believe we must hold people responsible if they spend public funds like Tsatsu should go to jail whether he used the money with the intention to put it back. But we must get the facts or prove right.
It isn't difficult checking from the metro mass transit office, my friend.

novisi said...

hi Obed, your comment is very juicy!
Okay, so you agree with Dasebre like i do but you don't seem to agree that the principle of promoting sanity in society cannot go on break like i do! so therefore you think you could rationalise that take by telling me that everyone has some priority??? if promotion of sanity is not party of anyone's priority then that fellow must be a dangerous fellow!

now let me answer your Q: first which part of my article mentions the MMT for you to come 'educating' me that they are a private business???

you must know that the government is spending public funds under some guise of 'informing' people like me on how so well they've done under some guise of a "Ghana Now, Ghana Then"! so perhaps you should find out from the ministry of information and national orientation! or better still ask yourself..."r u being sincere enough in pretending that you've not seen adverts of npp government achievement dotted around the nation by the government?"

so my article is very clear and therefore there must not be any distortions!