Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my style

I write what i like...with much respect to Steve Biko of pleasant memory!

I mostly like to challenge leadership...with fundamental principles...and test the space for tolerance...

I write what i like and may insult the action or inaction (mind, not the personalities) of leadership once i deem it appropriate...because the simple logic there is that i do not owe leadership respect...but rather it is leadership that owes a tiny bit like me respect...so leadership has no business insulting me once i do not violate any of our laws...but i may choose...and the word is choose to either respect or not respect leadership...it's plain, simple...and short as that!!!

at the end of the day, i have not stood on any platform seeking votes to lead a nation of diverse people...no! therefore...let no one in leadership DEMAND respect from me...else i would smear that demand in his/her face!

if one day by some fate determined by the forces that be, i find myself in a position of trust...i would change my stance because then i would be an embodiment of leadership with responsibility and so would owe the people ultimate respect! that!!!

what i don't do????
i don't insult anyone's person...for example while i may call an action/inaction of Kufuor foolish, i do not call Kufuor a foolish man...there is a difference! there is definitely a difference between the totality of the man or person from a single or a number of his/her actions....there is a difference...even in relation to time and space...another example, i believe all chiefs are having stupid authority but the persons occupying such positions may or may not have my respect! i choose! there is still a difference!

I also do not tag people without the need for it...for example, if one speaks for the ruling government, i won't jump to the conclusion that the person is npp just because the person spoke for them...same if one speaks for any of the opposition parties, that does not automatically make them ndc or gcpp! unless the fellow in question explicitly tags himself...then of course it makes sense to call them by their tag!

Therefore, let no one tag me! cos i change my mind relative to issues...and you might just be caught on the wrong...no; right side!



posekyere said...

Hi Novisi,
I really admire your style.
It is premised on incontrovertible principles.
We are not always right but an adherence to solid principles, at least, guarantees a measure of faith in living by what is objective.
A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, my pal.

novisi said...

Posekyere, i salute you and i quote you:

"We are not always right but an adherence to solid principles, at least, guarantees a measure of faith in living by what is objective."

Thanks man!
with faith.