Friday, December 12, 2008

Dr. Abu Sakara Forster

Pal dear,

I am looking beyond the 2008 elections!

Ghanaians decided that it must be a run-off. no problem...i'm all ready and waiting...for sure Ghanaians have demonstrated beyond all doubt that there ought to be a change! The results of the first round of ballots more than demonstrate this fact.

The wind of change is blowing...

Dr. Abu Sakara Forster
pal, I am looking beyond this elections already...i am! Dr. Abu Sakara Forster--that is the calibre of person i wish to be my kind of it president or shoe-shine! leadership must be befitted with quality and i dare say this is the kind of person Ghana needs...HE STANDS TALL AMONG ALL THE CANDIDATES FOR THE 2008 ELECTIONS, including all the presidential candidates (even though it's hard to close eyes on Mahama of the NDC!)

i just said kind of person... and that means i do not mean he is the best for Ghana (there are surely others)...that means (according to me) i do not mean i'm too fanatical about him...i'm only pointing out that there is an example of quality we could try (and the word there is even try)!

I've already started telling friends and foe and both that look, if we really want to move forward then we must be looking forward...not 'looking backwards'!

So far the man has demonstrated that there is some kind of quality we could aspire to! I never trusted and would hardly (note: not never!) trust Dr. Nduom of the CPP. that i have overly stated. i've even time and time again said that the word trust is one that has little meaning so far as the human is concern. For screaming sake, i can't even trust myself! but Nduom is just not it, even though these days he seeks to be speeking some very very very (that's times 3) good sense which i deeply share. And Nduom is the one who made me come to know this guy (credit to him)! but i am a very serious self even though i believe stupidity is a spice of life but for the sake of good sense! (and i don't know what that means!).

But pal, well..., I need not belabour the point here! you just need to hear that man called Abu Sakara speak... and if you can't identify with him say at least 70% of the time (don't ask me how i measured that--i used senses-meter!....meter of the senses!) of the time then i must be speaking rubbish! THIS IS A MAN WHO CLEARLY DRAWS PEOPLE TOGETHER!!

well, let me leave it here for now, the whole point is that, we find ourselves in a fix, with labels flying more than good sense! i hate this shit! but that is our fate at this juncture! to choose between ndc or npp? but wait a minute? in as much as some may want to be bogged down with the labels i am too adamant to follow! i refuse to be drawn into any nonsensical partisan politics! for me it's a clear case! THE PEOPLE MUST ASSERT THEMSELVES TO MAKE POLITICIANS REALISE THAT POWER BELONGS TO THE MASSES! therefore CHANGE is one simple and complex way to send that signal loud and clear! LET CHANGE COME!

but like i told you pal, i'm looking beyond this 2008 elections and i'm seeing persons with the carlibre of Dr. Abu Sakara as people who should lead us! i'm NOT (and i mean not) wowed by him. i'm simply yearning for quality!

I hope to be able to marshal all energy i can, so that i could get an underground network going! it's not about party politics. and i wouldn't care if even he should stand on the ticket of npp (even though i think their idea of 'property owning democracy' is very very and very stupid from which they must repent and repent with a very high acceleration!). It's all about LEADERSHIP and one that casts such shadow is the man called Dr. Abu Sakara Forster!

peace be onto me and you pal. and may we have change come soonest than later!


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