Friday, November 21, 2008

for once!

yeah pal,

for once in a light year...Kufuor has spoken to my heart...

i haven't fallen in love just so you know!
but i've surely been born again perhaps!....(surely---perhaps!)
but for once this man KUFUOR who i consider a very BIG MISTAKE FOR GHANA even though change was needed ABSOLUTELY in the year 2000 from the then ills of ndc has spoken to my heart (i repeat)!

He says from his CANDID opinion...we shoudn't rush to elect DCEs just yet! and i must say i've read the reports...didn't hear him on tape...but the language sounds ok! it reaches my heart (another repeat!)

and i TOTALLY DO NOT agree with him because i believe (IN MY OWN CANDID OPINION TOO) that democracy must emanate from the people and electing DCEs to make them accountable directly to the people instead of having them appointed to be yes-men to the president by an all powerful Ghanaian president as defined by our CRIPPLED CONSTITUTION! is just one of such 'complex' ways! period! i'm too much of an idiot to think it's too easy a thing to do though!

The man Kufuor makes his point in a rater direct U-turn move after promissing us all that he was a championg for electing DCEs. that i would always hold against him. and i remember his U-turn on the promise of cutting ministirial appointments and hangers ons! and his noise about how come we were importing too much rice when we could grow rice in Ghana............i would always hold those against him as just a fraction of his failures! and it wasn't that i even expected him do wonders! no!

i was just thinking aloud, what if this man had kept such tone on issues so dear to the hearts and minds of all Ghanaians! wouldn't we have been better off than all the nonsensical insinuations and insults he hips on percieved in imaginary political oponents and enemies! wouldn't we!

i'm just one of those who more than believe that the bus stops with leadership...there's not much you can do about that. so first thing is to acknowledge this bare fact! second is to make sure that you thread such that you RESPECT US who voted or did not vote you into power!

we must all have space to to air whatever we if you tok som i for tok som too...even if i have nothing to say...and i don't have to agree with you!

cheers and nice w'kend pal!

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