Thursday, November 20, 2008

fooling in the name of the LORD

Lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd! have mercy!

pal, I go to attend to official duties. now this chap feeling perhaps too happy that his problem is solved would not let me move on and wants to take advantage to talk me out of what i once told him that i was a traditionalist!

the chap man recalls me telling him some time back i was a traditionalist with full blast to the hearing of a female colleague who also jumps in. she's helping convert me! holy! so to avert any time wasting i try to tell that i also go to church and that i was only joking with chap man the other time...holiness...wrong number!

so a full attack is launched on the devil in me preceded by words in the bible to convince moi! okay! i declare that i accept YESU...just so that i get my freedom from these ones who think the best thing to do during office hours is to preach to a soul like me! why fool around in the name of the LORD!

and i declare to time this chap man and woman need assistance i'd definitely tell them that i'm having prayers with another preacher man in another office!

i'm no traditionalist and i just don't do religion!

in the name of CHRISTO!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

You say it like it is! You will get no suspicion, no complaints, no queries and no pontification from my direction!

posekyere said...

HI Novisi,

Me-thinks we have got to, sometimes, allow the voices around us to reach our souls.
That way, we can weigh if, perhaps, there is something in whatever they are trying so hard to tell us.
How else do we interact if we close up one to another?

Give them a little bit of chance, dude.

novisi said...

I hear you Nana,

Thank you!

novisi said...

you are just right posekyere! you are!

but you see, there is always a but...
this was actually during office hours and i had stuff to attend to...but again...another but...i listened to them, and i prayed with them...and i was 'converted'...all in the space of about 40 good minutes...

so i actually listened...and i took the good and dropped the bad...but still..........i would have thought that at least the prayer and conversion ceremony would have been scheduled for later after office hours......yes???