Thursday, November 20, 2008

soul brother

I approach the Tetteh-Quashie Interchange and here, hitting my face wide-flat is a huge billboard of burst portrait of a self...almost dressed like a pretty young Sir!

yes...and me thinking that he is an addition to the too small (yes small!) a number of contestants for president of fatherland Ghana!

I was wrong!

He was gone to soon, so loudly the caption declares on a closer look: 'gone to soon'!

and i wonder; what the heck is this? and yet I know it's not a new thing to hit man (i've seen loads in K'si) but sure this is something that must just stop! why WASTE, and yes, why waste so much money on a thing like that...a thing that only hits a face like mine only to announce to me and all who see the demise of a soul brother: RiP.

yeah we know you got enough cash but why don't you rather use it to setup an educational fund for the poor kids in 'soul brother's' village for sure there are loads there who need that kind of assistance!

I'd see you when i get there!


posekyere said...

Hi Novisi,

Wish a picture of the board was attached to your post.
Spend, spend, spend. Splash, splash, splash. Someone has got to notice!
That is the idea behind it, afterall. No?

novisi said...

hi Posekyere,

yeah i also wish i could have posted the pic but i tot abt it n i tot to keep it out they say...sensitive...i think i just got drowned in that kind of well...

and yeah...i agree it's all spend spend spend and splash splash splash!