Monday, November 17, 2008

the war of peace

someone said that if you want peace prepare for war!

i don't know how you'd take that but i and i for the love of me believe beyond all fantasy clad in any PEACE banner however fake or true that violence is not always a bad thing! it can't always be! can it?

let a bullhead pull a triger to your head in the dead of night in an attempt to rob your underwear!

even those who read the bible know very well of the numerous violent takes that ensured that God's children (Israelites?) were preserved!

and not too long ago, it took violence to stop the madness of Adolf Hitler! and folks down town like legendary Yaa Asantewa were on hand to make sure the rule of the Queen of England and her fellow uninvited colonialist were violently checkmated!

and of course one cannot mention all the examples like the many more like the French revolution...and the ousting of mobuto sese seko!

pal, this is not a vegetable you could just buy from the market. ONE MUST WORK FOR PEACE...

that is why i find that it was very stupid (oh...i just broke my promise to me, myself and i <but not to you, sorry> to keep this really diplomatic) of the presidential debate panel to even think of 'catooning' the candidates into pretending that peace lies in holding hands as a show of it! well, i mean why cheapen the quest for peace??? a symbol of peace is definitely not a bad idea but pal, what happened at the last presidential debate in Tamale can only pass as concert as how they were asked (almost fooled) to follow intructions like kids who need a drill to learn!

for me it appears that we are just pretending too much that we want peace! do we really? if we do why ain't nobody talking about justice? why ain't nobody acting fair? if we recognise that this country does not belong to any one political party then certainly we must not allow bias and cheating where the tax payers money is concerned!

when I switch on my tv and it accidentally lands on GTV, i see nothing but cheating! why ain't nobody talking about the clear disadvantage being meted out to the opposition parties in terms of taxpayer's airtime? last sunday I watched GTV (a very rare occurence for me these days) and I actually watched with wide open eyes just so i see some more of the open and shameful cheating on the part of the ruling npp. and here, there's a news item on the political prostitute Frances Asiam who is organising a show for defectors to npp and or so...the next moment it was about Asamoah Boateng (minister of info) who goes to donate some money to his people to vote him back into paliament. Finish! those were the only political news! (really?)

and right after the news came a whole time consuming documentary on the campaign launch of Alhaji Boniface (that in 'currupted' twi would definitely mean 'bad face') in Salaga constituency which i'm sure even Obama would not have had cheap! but this guy i'm sure got it free but if not for peanuts becuase he's part of the ruling npp! but well i watched it and i watched it carefully. I'm not one of those who don't listen to opposing views...i listen and i listen very carefully if i have the time...and i take the good and throw the bad back at whoever is spewing shit! well...

so let them who think peace would come once we sing songs and and have presidential candidates hold hands in a catoon fashion think again pal. we have a shameless lot abound who do not see any good in ensuring that the taxpayer's field is even for all! To think that these npp folks led by Akufo Addo are ones who not too long ago went to court to seek redress when they were in opposition for fair broadcasts and that they came to power riding on the slogan of 'positive change' is sickening enough! do they understand what positive means? it appears some just want to use catch phrases...

and i keep mentioning taxpayer...yes that is the crust of it all. That the resources of concern here are not for any private person or political party! they are for the country Ghana for intercource sake!


cheers pal!


Obed Sarpong said...

And who's t bring such a change? Anyway, are you asking for a change in party or presidency? Because Kufuor will go anyway. Write man Which change

novisi said...

hi Obed, long time man...hope you haven't stopped blogging!

man, i think it's cool that you ask "who's to bring 'such' a change" and only to proceed to ask "which change"? especially that it takes from your acknowledgement of the 'such' you yourself allude to.

however i would try (try yes!) to answer my dear.

a straight answer to your first question is 'everyone'. EVERYONE concerned about Ghana must bring about the change! and it must not be as cosmetic as the npp has delivered! it must be a proper BOLD MOVE (it takes a lot of energy huh...not the cheapening of our senses) of change!

which change?
And again, a straight shot to that is 'leadership'. There must be a change in leadership and there must be a proper 'positive' change and there must be a change quickly!

i urge you to note that the fact that Kufuor my beloved Kufused 'will go anyway' does not necessarily guarantee NEEDED CHANGE!

we need a shift from the kind of cheating i talk about in my write-up! leadership must respect the taxpayer! we must not allow a party to use the taxpayer's money for example to advertise itself under some 'foolish' guise of a "Ghana Then & Ghana Now". we are too smart for such stupidities! so change must come fast!

i have overly made the point anyway all the way by the way that NPP MUST BE KICKED OUT if we desire takes a lot of energy, don't forget...So yes we must make the change in party that leads, if even some independent gal out there would come all the better!

so let me just say it again delightfully to your bore perhaps that yes there must be a change in the party that leads governance!

by so doing, the taxpayer/voter could be sure of making the politicians understand that they must serve us ultimately and not resort to the kind of nonsense of the npp!

so we must change, and if that change comes like the npp or any other folly, we must change again. We must just keep changing till we get leadership to start taking the people more seriously!

so change we must man!

man, i've written!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Hey Novisi,

I admit that I have silently asked if the national broadcaster is not a tad biased for the NPP.

Violence is another thing. I think violence is ALMOST never justified. (We can debate on ALMOST another time).

novisi said...

Yes Nana,

ALMOST is debatable but I agree with you! it must be almost for sure i guess! cos i believe the majority of us just want peace! simple.

the article was really an attempt at placing peace in proper perspectives...amids all the questions...

i actually believer but for some crazy heads the world could really live in peace...(that is where the almost comes in i guess)