Monday, January 12, 2009

breathe innnnn .... ouuuut !!!

i have a have a funny liking for evidence... i think it's one of the sweetest concepts that make the world tangible... one can almost touch it....

so what happened...??? in a previous post titled another mix bag i wondered whether i did see that (Raw)lings the 'raw-one' did not greet Kufuor at Mill's inauguration or whether my eyes failed me! read exactly how i put it and i quote:

"and did i see that JJ after breaking protocol (unneeded protocol me think!) to recieve cheers did not greet JAK??? i hope my eyes failed me else, man that is shit!"

that statement in no way makes a closure! it's so naked you won't believe it... Pal, you won't believe how much nakedness is available to you if you don't read it carefully... so why would Obed my dear (find his comment on 'another mix bag') chose to be so 'sure of himself' to pass the kind of comment he passed suggesting that he was confirming that my eyes did not fail me as i thought... well pall, just have a good look at the pic below and tell me what you see:

did my eyes play a trick on me now???

whatever you see in that pic or whatever you do not see... just click here and read this one too! i have tried to forget about Kufuor as per his leadership but the 'last minute' decissions he took with less than 24hrs for him to leave office keeps coming back to gnaw at my very fibre...

now i salute Osafo Marfo for coming out bold to address 'a nation's issue'! for coming out to tell it to Kufuor my dear Kufused straight and direct, even though Osafo Marfo is the one who once told us that he had a contract presented to him in German and he signed it even though he could not read German language! halejuyah....!!!

Pal, i believe that moderates like Osafo Marfo (I'm yet to find reason against he being a moderate enough!) must take hold of the npp so that the once who act foolish (act foolish man!) are put in the rear to learn...

woman, i would definitely be telling you my views of the npp and what i think they should be doing... but for now, i pray! and i pray that Ghaians would reject whichever extremist who pokes his head out wanting to be prez no matter what the party collour!

Fly Away!
and let me just end by saying that Mills has made his first trip to an ECOWAS meeting in Abuja and which meeting i don't find important for him to attend... we could only have all sorts of explanations... but pal, for someone who tells me he wants to hit the road running i find it interesting... if not funny and if not crazy that he chooses to fly out at tax payers expense to a meeting which only ended up banning Guinea! but well, that is the first count so many (so many) me think and i'm watching still...

let jah be praised!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

There you go again with your mixed masala. As engaging as ever. And to a question you asked, I see, in the picture, 2 former presidents shaking hands.

novisi said...

hi Nana,

i see that too!