Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Pal dearest dear,

all around me is a load of mess!

does Ghana have a leader (president?) at all??? what's all the mess going on about cars, about toilets, about dismissals, about shootings and damn about any shit...

we have been told Fiifi (i like the sound of that- fiiiiifii) has decided to setup office at the Osu Castle for a temporal post.... still in transition i guess he would like us to believe... but see pal, i'm not one to be decieved... i mean, Fiifi the Mills old man got sworn into office by some tailored oaths, (which oath i don't believe he swore truly anyway) on the 7th Jan. That is a long time ago for one who promises to hit the ground running to asert himself (and i mean ASERT HIMSELF)... but not to continue to play it like he himself is still in transition!

LET MILLS COME OUT CLEAR ON ALL THE FOOLISHNESS GOING ON AND CALL FOR ORDER HIMSELF!!! THAT IS DEFINITELY ONE WAY TO DEMONSTRATE LEADERSHIP... and let him not just sit on his butts in his 'presidential chair' only to be sending spokespersons after spokespersons to tell us (what???).

Mills is not in transition and that must be made loud and clear to him no matter how his God-given eyes might be failing him! Osu Castle i believe is not a bad idea... there's nothing wrong in making it an office... in fact i'm of the view that those who claim that the Osu Castle only represents slavery might just as well tell us all to vamoose from the whole land cos slavery was carried out in the whole land man! my point is; can we just be humble enough to accept the failures of man and woman and then learn from these so that our forward march is made more meaningful???? So let the Jubilee house be finished first... no problem... but ASERT YOUR LEADERSHIP NOW!!!

Mill's says we should expect his cabinet by 31st Jan. I'm not sure if that's when he expects that all the due processes would have been completed... but if it's just to name the whos them Mills man must know that no matter what pressures he might want us to imagine for him... that is just too long a time to just name (if that's just it-- to name)! So until then he and his vice are the only substantive people with executive power! therefore he and his vice must be calling the shots but not some acting folks under whatever guise! LOOK, BE SERIOUS!!!

and also let Fiifi move out of his spintex-road residence to a relocation at the Osu Castle or at least close by enough to save the poor folks of the his nuisance of causing trafic jam just to allow his priviledged passaged! I hope Fiifi gets the message clear that Ghanaians don't have to wait for the date of the next elections to effect a sack of the NDC if need be!!! clearly the constitution makes it know that 4 years could (and the word is could) be too long and perhaps too costly...

we (including myself and others) are watching... as for me i'm demanding change!! Change must come and therefore the MESS must stop!!

pal, this is not part of the mess... no, not at all..... this is a pic (see below) to cook up your libido into a 'presidential' enjoyment of lovely belles that abound in the land of Trinidad and Tobago seen 'almost' through the travelling eyes of 'St.' Kufuor the president of the past.... enjoy!

in the background is the man Kufuor surely 'collecting his eyes'

Pal, tell me a better way to enjoy life...if you know of any other! hahaahhahahaha!

keep well....



Obed Sarpong said...

Funny. Nice pics there. As for the transitional team which is acting like they have executive or presidential powers, hmmmmm

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Wow, Novisi, you're earning galaxies of respect from me this year for your independent mind (plus your most unique way of venting / writing). I like the picture too.

novisi said...

hi Obed,
we surely have a long to go... but i'm itching to see things being fast-tracked... and i believe we ought to make the demands and make it with all the forces available...

novisi said...

thanks Nana,
i'd keep that in mind with a humbled sense and hope that not Bush or Mills or Kufuor or the booming JJ the (RAW)lings or any other i've come out strongly against ever descend on my small head with physical force intended to crash my head with PRECISION!

cheers to you!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

God will keep you safe, my friend.