Thursday, January 8, 2009

window 7

Pal, the actual thing is windows 7 (note the 's')!!!

so Microsoft says tomorrow we should expect the release of their latest windows OS which they are calling windows 7!

after creating all the mess in the world with the so called Vista we are being told of some clean up! no problem! i look forward to it.

me i always advised folks off the 'devil' of the Vista OS because it's just annoying... stick to good old Windows XP or at best welcome to the world of Open-source!

pal, i'm one of those who believe that software must not be paid for! so while Microsoft is at it's capitalist best and trying to rule the world... i would just wait!

but funny enough, though i've read about some issues even about the Windows 7 i have a funny feeling that Windows 7 will just be fine!

did i just hear you say "uhuh... this is what you should be blogging about instead of politics" ??? ... guess what pal, it's still political...



posekyere said...

Wazup Novisi,
Vista is pretty annoying with the number of reminders.Besides my Matlab software did not load until I installed Microsoft pocket PC OS.
Hope window 7 will bring something interesting on board.

novisi said...

cool Posekyere,
you're right, vista just annoys!

and like i said, i just have this premonition that windows 7 will turn out fine... i don't know why though!

i'm waiting to see!

and i hope most people are served better at the end of the day!

Esi W. Cleland said...

lol, not buying that. Sticking to good ole Win XP.

novisi said...


i get you!