Wednesday, January 7, 2009

another mix bag

yo pal, wazup?

got inaugurated today! prez of Ghana...ok.
I don't care about such shows and the kind of unnecessarily flamboyant chairs that are made available to you... but that was some kind of a mess of a ceremony! somebody must be answering questions!

And Mills too, how come you seem to have gotten the wrong eyes for the oaths??? was it just before me, i would have asked you to re do it!!! and while you were screaming there is or will be only one Ghana, you had all around you party collours and i even saw chiefs(??) with party symbols...huh! Go tell that song of yours to Nana Konadu, the wife of JJ. tell her to know when to project Ghana and when to mount the party campaign stage! and did i see that JJ after breaking protocol (unneeded protocol me think!) to recieve cheers did not greet JAK??? i hope my eyes failed me else, man that is shit!

if i were you Mills, i would have made it clear to the people of Ghana that my inauguration must represent only Ghanaian but not party interests...and therefore there should be only Ghana party!!! no overly party person like Konadu should bring his or her party collours to the gathering of the people... the people man! can we break away from these things for once!!! ever??

Meanwhile, an aside:
a lot happened last night with the reported release of Tsatsu and the re-instatment of Kofi Boakye! a lot of questions to be asked Kufuor... but man... Kufuor has been under my nonsense for long... Let me just say to him, as he bows out that, look man, I BLESS YOU (your very self) for the good you did and i condemn the bad (this one, not your person! the act!) you did...

This news got me almost breaking my sides with laughter! we are being told that Americans can do without cars but not sex! hahahahahaha....pal, i wonder if this world is not just a fun place! check out the story for yourself!

Pal, i hope you've heard about the nomination of Burris to the US senate. we are being told he's a good and competent man who got nominated by Blagojevich, a tainted man! Obama has already spoken against the nomination just like i expected him to... but now we are being told that the black caucus are asking that he be accepted(??). is that 'tribalism' (???)... if racism is not a better word, hahahaha.... but ME wont go there... cos ME believe everyone or group has genuine concerns... just fine so!

i think it's a tricky one now, but if you ask me pal, my preference would be that Burris steps aside or get's kicked aside to allow for some fresh air because i also believe the nomination is tainted and also because i believe he's not the only one around town! there are certainly others who would not get such stain (some other stain maybe!) and get down to biz! but on the other hand too...why deny a man the chance to prove himself just because of some stain???...that's a legit question...but i believe stepping aside himself or getting kicked aside by others is the best choice under the circumstances???

let a man stand up for principles pal. and a woman too!

i pray!


Obed Sarpong said...

Stop the shit. Wouldn't pay to watch Obama's inauguration although there would much pomp too? Adamantly against anything political and in authority. That's a silly philosophy, pal. Revise it. It doesn't help anyone. And Rawlings breaking protocol... That's so like him. I won't mention his crazy wife. Mills would be worried ex-president Rawlings couldn't even say 'hi' to ex-president Kufuor after the president had watched the clip. Well, he wouldn't see it. Both ex president could serve us well as ambassadors for special missions. But not like this. Mills, at least, appears to be on great term with Kufuor. God bless Ghana. Man, don't just oppose people in government. It's a silly philosophy.

novisi said...

dear obed dear,

i love shit...the word...and i've said it over and over again...i love can't stop the shit...see?

i have to really weave through this comment which i find to be a distortion of 'my philosophy"...(thus if i have any!)

i'm not against 'anything' political...that can only be too far from the truth... i have been screaming too loud that i am too much of a politician... so question is why would i be against 'anything' political??? i don't get that! and i wonder if you get that you??

As for authority, i have chosen to question authority as and when i deem it needed and of course when i have the opportunity... and even that is not 'anything' authority... how could it be anything authority... i don't believe in such fiats!

so i have no idea what you refer to as silly philosophy... so you revise you distortion and come again!

and there you go jumping to conclusion on my wondering on whether (Raw)lings did greet Kufuor... i made it clear in my write-up that i wasn't sure if that's what happened...MY CHECK REVEALS THAT RAWLINGS DID GREET KUFUOR... so where lies you 'too sure' a stance!!! check facts and cross-check facts man!

and finally you tell me not to 'just' oppose people in government... well, i have chosen to make sure i get what i deserve... what about you? would you rather 'just' go sexing up people we've placed in authority (which authority they must exercise on our behalf!!) to 'just' have orgasm????

think about it all, soberly man, soberly!