Monday, January 5, 2009

not my father!

no pal,
not at all!
and the message must go out to Mills loud and clear no matter how some want to give him room to breathe...

I was taken aback this morning when i read from the front page of the Daily Graphic that Prez-elect Atta Mills says "I'LL BE FATHER TO ALL"...

That statement reminds me of when Kufuor also got elected in the year 2000! he said something like that!

but pal, i think our leaders must start getting what it means in very plain terms what it means to be elected a it labeled president or some other funny name!

Mills, let me tell you... "you are not my father and i want you to stop thinking me to see you as such..." that mentality is basically problematic...since it could easily lend itself to reducing your responsibilities to providing tokens and encouraging me to accept because you are 'my father'! and i your obedient son??? nonsense!

what i want Mills to know is that he is my employee and ought to serve me! if he doesn't get it clear; what i mean is that i'm the boss here! and so are all there millions of Ghanaians who are waiting for you to serve them.

so better get to work and stop calling yourself father...and i hope your wife too does not start parading herself about as my mother as Mrs. Kufuor did!

meanwhile, i see that you have a very interesting transition that raises all sorts of legitimate questions...but i'm listening to the so called expects do their dribble about themselves on constitutionality and so on and i'm just listening and watching for now!

my only hope is that some of those people you have there don't end up as nominees for ministerial posts!

wishing you well still!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...


I so respect you for what you've written here. I must tell you the reasons later, however.

I agree with you that Mills should know that his is no small inner-family job where mistakes are generally easily remedied.

I am so eager to read what you'll say this year about the government. (Nana Yaw takes off his hat here). Great thinking, man.

novisi said...

i bet the blogger world has missed u a bunch...

njoy your holidays nways!

i hear you man, i'm humbled...

the struggle just continues till the last breath...