Sunday, January 4, 2009


there's a funny talk about us having an infant democracy!

therefore we should be ok with change of governments from incumbent to opposition and so on (almost so!!)....but i hardly understand what all that talk is about...i really don't understand why that talk.... but i understand!

A SHORT ASIDE....{in one breath...i claim i don't understand, in same breath...not another....i claim also that i, you tell me how both situations can exist in my crazy head at the same time.....hahahaha!}

A simple question is how many years should it take before we come to realise that a president who is supposed to be our servant does not dare award himself on our behalf and on his own behalf and then go on to demand respect and rounds of applause??? how many years...??? that's a simple question!

The more dangerous thing for me is that some are too ready to accept our current status by comparing us to the rest of Africa where clearly democracy is at best a circus! READ THIS!!! but why???

if we live in a continent where civil wars and coup d' tats happen before one could blink the eyes, you won't be too far from accepting just a simple breath of fresh air in the form of a so called 'infant' democracy passing as a mere change of government executive power from an incumbent to opposition!!

That kind of standard setting is too low and infantile if not bogus!!! i wonder how many years we need to have ran democracy before realising that we should set higher stands of rule of law and good governance! and please don't tell me that America has been at it for so long...No! yes they have but see the foolishness of Bush??? and did the Germans not give birth to Adolf Hitler under democracy??? tell me now pal, that you understand my craziness...!

My point is that principles don't change with that we have to wait till SOMEday after a centurial time before learning to adhere to sound principles that benefit all... therefore we must make sure we all get involved so that we have folks who demonstrate sound minds leading us....instead of the ones who only display impunity and arrogance and foolishness and stupidity and thievery and more!!

how many years should it take before we come to realise that we must not allow our leaders to spend publich money on their private properties under some infantile guise???

So pal, i don't want you to settle for mediocre! rise up and demand that our leaders who are supposed to be our employees first of all work to the highest achievable levels by man and woman and hermaphrodites!!!

i want you to know that we have an *overly* old enough democracy to start being serious with our selves instead of allowing the leaders we employ to play folly with our tears, sweat and blood...... our smiles, laughter and cries...... our joy and pains....... our libidos, tickles, sensuality and orgasms.......

let us keep our leaders on their toes...... and we definitely need not wait in Ghana for 4 good years as per the Ghanaian constitution before we sack our president if need just beeeeeeeeeeee!

tsooooooo boi....!

pal, may we have better!

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