Saturday, January 3, 2009

just place that fon call

massa, you no go call Atta or whot??? why you dey che like so??? why you vex or whot???

Pal, that's the question i would put to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo should he dare grant me audience!

I don't seem to understand this man who claims to believe in Ghana so much that he makes it look like he's the one and only believer now!

Finally he's made public a statement to congratulate Mills as the president elect. But my question to the man is: have you placed that BEAUTIFUL PHONE CALL to your old fellow Mills??? we are in an era where it's almost becoming a part of the process to place a call to your competitor in a presidential race to just say the word 'congratulations'! if for nothing at all it demonstrate that you whole heatedly respects the decision of the people!!!

but instead of Nana to place that call which in any case the public would not be partake in directly to just show a demonstration of going a 'little further' he is still grumbling about criminalities which according to him occurred in the volta region!

Does Nana think a soul like me is stupid or what? why is he pretending to be championing the cause of all when obviously he's only interested in solving problems that would be to his benefit! he talks about the volta region as if it is some devils place now! that is sad to say the least! and let me tell him that that kind of attitude would only antagonise the people of the region and push the further away from him in particular and his party!

Pal, you would think that the race is over and therefore i should be if i'm not already, but this man Nana is just acting funny! he is pretending that he never heard of any attacks on anybody in any part of the country apart from the volta region during the 2008 elections! That is deceptive!

but pal, you see, i'm proud of one thing...that is that Nana has proven me right that he can hardly be a unifier! he almost speaks as if unity can be achieved in the law courts! how naive if not pretentious of this man!!! and he says he will be back in 4yrs??? i urge all to see the selfishness of this man and never give him the chance to be our leader unless he stops this kind of pretentions and rather demontrates that he would reach across the political divide!!!

all these nonsense about the volta region must stop now! someone tell nana and all his followers and leaders. If you think i'm speaking jazz then look for the Bishop Agyin Asare's statement on the elections and read it for yourself!!!

pal, I have always said that i believe that out electoral system (the whole system) is a very bogus one! but what? we have lived with it and improved it somehow since 1992! and Nana is one person who has in one way or the other taken part in elections in this country since then! so what??? has he suddenly realise all the faults in the system? and funny enough his view is not even's so skewed towards his ambition to become president.

let me tell Nana what, if you believe in Ghana then what to do is to just stop the noise about the volta region and rather get to working to ensure folks all over the country are free to vote and be voted for!


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