Wednesday, December 31, 2008

tain will tell???

Pal dear,
word around town says "tain will tell" instead of the well known "time will tell" [note: (Tain is pronounced, something like 'tine')]!

so comes the political Showdown In Little Tain! ...i pity the poor folks who have to now bear the invasion of all sorts of people in their normal lives with so much at stake on a thin line between peace and war!

Pal, I don't think anyone should be myopic at all about the 2008 results in Ghana! the run-off produced a clear landslide victory for the old man Prof. Atta Mills! what??? am i crazy? no pal, i'm not crazy but i'm crazy still...but i'm not blind to the clear sight of all the baloon of figures from the Ashanti Region (amidts all the untrusted results from the volta region as well) that have made the totals look like it's just so close!

Let's look at it again...close...closer...closely... a whooping 8 out of 10 regions voted for Mills and with good percentage leads! that leaves Nana Addo with only 2 regions. That is whooping! And out of the remaining 2 for Nana Addo his own home region which is the Eastern Region was hotly contested and the results there were almost split! That leaves Nana with only Ashanti Region which he won clearly (amidst the baloons that make nonsense of his win there anyway)!

so a good read into the dynamics of the electoral results would clearly tell you that this elections was not and is not one that is too close to call. If i were Nana Addo, and i was declared winner of this elections i would be very worried...too worried! why? because it's clear that i don't have majority support in clearly 8 regions out of 10. that should be worrying enough! So again if i was Nana Addo, and given that everything points out that Atta Mills has won this elections i wouldn't play fool hardy with a strong head and pretend that only 'tain can tell'! I would have conceded!

but pal, thankfully i'm not Nana and so i'm sitting in my little conner feeling proud about the votes i caste for the first and second time ever in my life while he is insisting and pretending that it's only a 'showdown in little tain' that can give Ghana president!

but you see pal, some funny part of me also wishes Nana not to concede anyway so that he could get a sound thrashing in Tain with the hope that the kind of 'ghostly' 99% turn out in some parts of Kumasi does not result in Tain!

but you see pal, for those who don't know that Nana really believes in 'moving forward' read what i'm about to point out. Nana and some few adamant folks following or leading him have started indicating that 'Tain will NOT tell' after all because either before or after Tain they are asking for re-run of some of the voting that took place in the volta region. They claim that their supporters were intimidated and some got beating and Gabby Ochere-Darko said on JoyFM this morning that some got 'apia'...therefore there should be a re-run??? is Nana a serious man??? is that what he percieves as good enough reason for re-run of polls when obviously foolishness was carried out by both parties?? even in Accra there was intimidation and beatings!

So it's a full 'forward motion'; full-speed without looking to even see whether the way is clear or not. no! it's plain simple-'moving forward'...that's all...nothing else! So we are being told that they believe in the rule of law so want to see that the rule of law works! how not so cheap??? is it not funny that for a man who once told Mills to concede to Kufuor in the face of all sorts of irregularities in our polls suddenly realises that elections must be stretched to the very last vote no matter at what cost???

But pal, i'm not surprised at all about Nana and his followers and leaders. Suddenly all the principles they have shouted at roof tops to believe in (which someone like me realised way back b4 2004 to be fake) are being turned over with impunity and being thrown at us? who would have thought that Jake 'son of the fatherless' Lamptey would today be looking JoyFM in the ass and castigating them for 'projecting' the elections in favour of Mills??? life is a square huh!

There are several clear reasons why Nana Addo should (not must but should) just save us the trouble! but hey! I won't be surprised that the Nana man would call for a total re-run of the whole elections again just so that he becomes the winner! he just must be winner or else there was no elections... what does that kind of posturing tell a crazy mind like mine, let alone a sound one???

AND TODAY, of all days... I STILL HEAR NANA SAYING HE WAS THE winner OF THE FIRST ROUND OF BALLOTS (at a press conference in his house or so) TODAY OF ALL DAYS... this man who claims to have respect for the 'rule of law' does not even RESPECT HOW a WINNER is determined by the constitution of Ghana for a presidentail election! shame! if he doesn't know that is different but he knows and so to claim that he was winner is pure deception. He clearly knows that in a presidential election in Ghana a winner is one who obtains 'more than 50% of the total ballots cast! so what shit dat tok about he being WINNER??? 'winner for the where???'

see pal, i'm no fun off Nana at all becaue i think the guy lacks some 'common sense'! some jump up and down about i don't...not a man who tells me that he believes that everyman must own (and note that the word is 'own') a house! but see i would have given him his due had he clearly won this elections and then go on to give him some rope to prove to me he deserves my respect as a leader...that won't come automatically at all...but more and more the man proves that he does not care whatever happens so far as he he is crownned president!

yet this is a man who while contesting for the nomination of his own party had to rely on the magnanimity of of his fellow contestant to have him enstooled or birthed or charmed or whatever but surely controversially made the presidential candidate of the npp!

so pal, what do you think if at the end of the day, Nana gets to win the Tain showdown so that prof Ata Mills as usual of him goes ahead to concede defeat! you think that would be end of story??? is anybody taking the political temperature in this country??? Do we realise that just because of the posturing of Nana, yesterday this whole country was almost plunged into some state of emergency with companies and shops closing by mid-day because of fear! has anyone imagined yet how much money the country lost yesterday???

so the democrats that the leaders of the npp are! let's look at a simple scenario! Rawlings we are told is no democrat. ok...accepted! but how come the self-proclaimed democrats are showing little signs of any commitment to their own self proclamations! Meanwhile the evil Raw(lings) lead under some guise of democracy and HANDED OVER PEACEFULLY without hanging onw with any kangaroo tactics of delay when we kicked out the ndc with all the force we could muster! by that singular act, i dare say the likes of Akuffo Addo and Kuffour dare not accuse Raw(lings) of not being a democrat unless they realise their nonsense, admit it publicly and then repent profusely!

Pal, if i was a member of the npp i would be very very very DISGUSTED by the posturing of Akufo Addo! yes i would! This is a man who across the length and breadth of this country is thought to be an ARROGANT person who has one and only one objective in this country and that objective is to become president! assuming this view of him is misplaced, how does he help himself by insisting that we must by all means finish in Tain and then go on perhaps to re-run others in the volta region before the winner be determined...??? how so when we have a very clear case on our hands!

well pal, we can debate legalities in the court of law...but should that be the place for determining the presidents of this country really? would that leave us united??? so in as much as Nana may want to test some of his prowers at the law subject let him not plunge us all in any chaos!

pal, if i don't make sense, then it's simply because Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is making no sense at all...

cheers and let 2009 meet you well...

i want to salute the following sound minds for coming out to speak plainly of the ills about the elections yersterday when all the peace singers went mute when we needed them most!

1. KSM (Kweku Simtim Missa--the one whose initials are more popular than his names spelled out)..
2. Amandzeba
3. Rex Omar
4. Nana Fynn
5. Ekow Micar (hope i get the name right).
6. Radio Gold (this one generally i admit is controversial) but the fact is that for the fact that i believe in absolute freedom of speech i give it up for them because they were the only radio that kept the people informed about on goings yesterday!

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