Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nana Akuffo Addo talks plenty at IEA

Nana Addo mounted the IEA platform and among his first words he stated it was at his request that this IEA encounter was postponed after the passing of president Mills. What an empty boast! Why? did the IEA tell him they'd go ahead with the schedule irrespective of Mills death?

Alas that was the way Nana Addo opened his flood gate for empty talk.

But an aside, before I go on I want to make it clear that me; I'm totally opposed to the candidature of Nana Addo for president for two cardinal reasons:
1. After declaring that vampire 'all die be die' and claiming he must win the elections 'at all cost' Nana Addo does not have the moral right to take part in the democratic process. Yes! it's a democratic process and not an all die be die process. Nana Addo fails on that front.
2. Nana Addo hardly speaks sense and I've demonstrated here  before and my general view on his IEA presentation would show more of this point. Clearly for me the NPP failed to listen to one of their own Kwame Pianim who admonished that any idiot could hold a flag. Nana Addo is simply a no no for president of Ghana. Especially not after we've had a sound minded person as prof. Mills being president. I'm talking about Nana Addo who recently made a very irrational claim that he was not coming into office with promises but programmes. That is the mental state of the man I'm talking about.

Anyway, it happens that this is the person the NPP is presenting to us and so just for the sake of routine I'd analyze his presentation at the IEA. I'm still yet to do that for PNC's Ayariga here but let's look at Nana Addo for now.

Nana Addo's prepared speech which he delivered was just full of a lot of words with little substance. He tells Ghanaians to be proud of their democratic achievements. That's fine. He congratulates president Mahama and his veep for assuming power after the demise of president Mills. That's fine too. But before woman could say elephant, this man Nana Addo called the leadership of Mahama a 'caretaker' one and says he'd take over. Why this look down on our instituted leadership? But it's in keeping with Nana's derogatory nature at the least opportunity. He's the same one who called Mills 'prof. Do Little'.

Nana Addo then starts mentioning some strange names claiming they were people he met on his tours around the country and that these people told him all sorts of stories of hardships. What a cheap-trick! Nana immediately reminded me of McCain and his 'Joe the plumber' during the 2008 American elections. McCain got a good embarrassment of his campaign when he wanted to set up Joe the plumber for another deception. And McCain called out: Joe the plumber...Joe the plumber! where are you Joe? but Joe the plumber was nowhere to be found. Nana Addo cannot take us for children to be toyed with. It is imperative that all those mentioned by Nana Addo should be made to come to testify for their cases before if they have to vanish they do so like Joe the plumber.

Nana Addo then proceeds like a zombie to tell that prices of some things have gone up and that shows people are worse off today than they were under his Kufour's administration. What Nana Addo failed to tell was: 1. When we ever had reduction in prices of items on the market in Ghana due to govt policy. 2. He clearly takes us all for fools who don't think about percentage increments but just mere zombie increment. After all, he's the one who says 'all die be die' so it must be to him that 'all increase be increase'. And then he said the black market trade is back as if it went anywhere. Nana Addo should tell us where the black market went to for him to be saying it's back. Such a Sham!

Nana Addo boasted that his was to provide transformational leadership. Whatever he means by those empty words. Juxtapose that with the late president Mills saying he was doing his job and that people should tag it whatever they wanted. See the difference? Nana Addo just talks plenty! Nana Addo lied that the 'cash and carry' scheme under the health system is back. A blatant lie. Then he adds a bizarre line that "today, the fear of getting sick is back". The fear of getting sick is back indeed! He should exorcise that fear and make us feel bold and happy to be sick. What a distorted brain!

On the major issue of his promise of free education at the SHS level of which he stated in that shame of an interview on BBC that he'd tell Ghanaians first before telling the BBC how he was going to fund it, the least said about what he said the better! Indeed, it's vital to ask Nana Addo, since he gave two conflicting positions to the question of cost on BBC ('costed' and 'being costed') as to which one do the figures he presents represent. The 'costed' figures or the 'being costed' figures. Now he claims the first year of implementation would cost 78million cedis. And this figure is different from what his Prof. Gyan Baffour told us not too long a go: $150million (note that that's dollars and not cedis unlike the 78million cedis). Pal, we can deal with the by-heart figures later.

Meanwhile, after mentioning the arbitrary figures this is what Nana had to say: "we know how to fund it. A percentage of the oil revenues allocated to the Ghana National Petroleum Company, and for the funding of the budget, as well as a greater percentage from GETFund, will be used to finance the programme.  And really that was just the kind of language he churned out with all his verbosity: 'we could... those can... this should... that must...'

In closing his initial speech, Nana Addo, again, very characteristic of him, without provocation decided to launch an attack on the NDC by claiming the NDC pinched the slogan 'people matter, you matter' from them. And yet he did this without providing a shred of evidence.

Anyway, So it was time for Q&A and again it was all bla bla bla. Ask Nana Addo a question and he would either mention Busia or Kufour as having done something and then he would say 'we should, we could or we must'. A little girl called Angela asked him about how he'd ensure private schools benefitted from his bogus free education provisions and his answer was that there should be partnership between private schools and public schools. hahaha What partnership? what a joke! I don't think the question was relevant but the answer was even more insane! let me laugh, hahahahaha He clearly had no answer. The fact of private schools being profit making institutions must have knocked his head hard beyond his comprehension. Would Nana Addo's govt cater for the profits of private schools? pls let me laugh again at this hollow display!

And then came the most hilarious for me: Nana was asked about how many disabled people he'd employ in his administration and his answer was that anybody willing capable who believed in his agenda, regardless of gender or disability was welcome and that he had no limit. WHAAAAAT? a good laugh must be sufficient at this point. And he too laughed over his own answer. What a flatulence of a Nima gutter stench proportion!

Nana Addo, how would you fight corruption? he was asked and that was my star question as most of the questions were rather blunt with needless preambles. And as part of his answer he claimed as Attorney General he got some legal thing done and then proceeds to say that under him as president potential judgement debt claims would be published for citizens to make inputs and after that the actual payments too would be published, HOWEVER, he failed to tell us that under his watch as Attorney General, this was not done and why it wasn't done! Nana Addo has been exposed as one who even in his private life and recently silently wrote a letter to govt to ask for payment of judgement debt for some so called Great Cape company. Why didn't he publish that letter for us all to see in line with this bogus publication principle of his?

On the whole let me just pause here by saying that Nana Addo's performance at the IEA was just a balloon full of verbosity with little substance!

Pal, this is my judgement of Nana's performance which I don't want to lazily leave to posterity to judge as some would otherwise say. I leave you to make your own judgement.


Jerome said...

He failed to answer the questions. He did a lot of talking and no answering. He also focused more on attacking the NDC in his address instead of presenting his policies.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... You always me laugh with your sarcasm.. Nice work bruv.. Edem

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Novisi, I was flipping through my channels and heard him speak; however, I changed the channel the very moment I heard 'a boy at Abetifi who has dropped out of school...'. It sounded like a copycat thing to me. I have heard this before in Obama's speeches before and I think the speech writers did a bad job because those who listen to such things can see through. Those who don't listen don't need it.

I've wanted to know what the man said and now you've provided a gist.