Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nana Addo's SCAM called free shs

Pal dearest of all dears,

In all the discussions about Nana Addo's free SHS claims I find Ablakwah, the deputy minister for Information's description very apt: SCAM!

I find it rather imperative that I document as one package my reaction to the SCAM free SHS proposal being presented to Ghanaians by that man called Nana Addo who wants to be president of Ghana but is not correct! (no! he's wrong!).

Pal, again let me first lay clear the idiotic foundation of the thoughts from this man: He opened his mouth one fine day and told Ghanaians he was coming with programmes but not promises. How any sane person vying for president would claim he's making no promises alone is something that should require urgent examination of his head let alone that that person comes saying whatever proposals he presents to be considered for entrusting him with power are programmes but not promises must necessitate the person having his head quarantined in an intensive care unit away from children!

Forget some of those for a minute pal. Rather, imagine that as a presidential aspirant claiming 'programmes but not promises' is any sane thing to say. Grant him that for the sake of an idiotic-dance try! Just assume so and guess what? The man has been around the whole place, going against his own claim and promising to set up Zongo fund, bring back that pointless ministry of fisheries as what is solution to fishing problems, etc etc etc! Pal, the man has forgotten that he said he's not coming with promises!

So how more base would this man Nana Addo poison the air in our society with his idiocy?

Well pal, against Nana's own claim of not coming with promises is the very stupid promise that he is coming to implement free secondary education because basic education was made free by Kufour! You see pal, basic education is not wholly free in Ghana. So Nana Addo is lying right there! Yet he says  based on that lie he's bringing free SHS. Nana and his Kufour and Co introduced some capitation grant for basic school pupils that was noting but some paltry sum per head and used that to peddle deception especially in 2008 that they had made basic education free. But Ghanaians were not fooled at all and voted against Nana and his NPP party. Now we are told NPP reviewed why they lost 2008 elections. Yet they have still kept at this lie that basic education is free and so Nana is coming to add free SHS. But me pal, when someone insults my intelligence I call the person out. So Nana and his cohorts can only be stupid or worse to be telling me basic education is free. such idiocy!

So clearly, Nana's basis for his free SHS is non-existent! Indeed it's based on a stupid lie. But again, ask Nana what he means by free and he'd tell you he means every cost for putting and keeping students in SHS would be borne by his imagined govt. Now, if so, why are they calling basic education free when not all the cost is taken by govt? See what I see pal? So Nana has two definitions for what is free: (1) The existing basic education which is not free but only has partial cost absorption by govt is free for Nana Addo and (2) for the same Nana Addo, at the same time, his proposed 'all cost' absorption by govt SHS is also free. If this for you is not something from a sick mind pal, then you need your head examined before you next blink your eyes.

Now, it is clear to me that in order to divert attention from his idiocy, when called to answer questions about his free shs claim, he and his apologists would rather be spewing more idiocy with the claim that others are against free education (and they don't say 'against free SHS' but 'against free education') or that others do not have the vision that free education is possible but they have the vision it's possible! Such crap!

Do they even know what they are promising us at all (against Nana's own illogical claim of 'no promises but programmes')? Are they promising us that free education is POSSIBLE (which can only also be a foolish promise to make anyway), is that the promise huh? or they are promising us that they have a particular plan to make SHS free? Which is which for Nana Addo to be beating his chest about that he has vision that free education is possible as if that is his promise which is under scrutiny?

Meanwhile it's important to remember that this same Nana Addo was reported by the GNA in 2008 to have promised the delivery of free public university education by the end of his term in office if voted into power! So it must be asked what happened to the free university bit of his by-heart and clearly thoughtless promises since in 2012 he has not brought that one up again? Should we just assume that that free university education was found to be IMPOSSIBLE by Nana or that it has totally vanished from his head beyond his own comprehension and he can't remember? So, Nana Addo-Danquah Akuffo Addo, your royal lunacy, where is the free university education promise? is it hidden between your thighs now? Pal find that free public universities education promise here (and note that you'd find the lie that basic education was made free by Nana's Kufour administration also there).

Again, talking about what exactly it is Nana Addo is promising: Is it 'free SHS'? or is it 'free education'? or is it 'free education possible'? Which one is it that's Nana Addo's promise? If it is 'free SHS' as he puts it then that's an outright scam! if it's 'free education' then again, another scam! But if it's 'free education possible' then well as for that one it's a lunatic promise! We don't need Nana to tell us free education is possible (that's already even in the constitution) let alone that he comes to promise us it's possible. So what? So he says: "I promise you free education is possible"? That? What kind of promise is that if not lunatic, huh?!! that Nana Addo just gets up to promise us the POSSIBILITY of free education? (for which reason those who oppose his claims should be said to be people who don't accept that free education is possible?) How so lunatic!

Indeed, just yesterday, Nana Addo was about town claiming that members of the NDC who claim to be social democrats (whatever they also mean by that) and yet oppose his plan are against free education and that makes them hypocrites! How so stupid! Why should Nana Addo think that just because someone professes to be some social democrat, it means any idiocy clothed under the guise of some social democratic principle should be accepted by that person? But any wonder? That is just how base Nana Addo is with his head! To him it doesn't matter; once you say you are a social democrat, when he Nana Addo or any other idiot comes telling you that he can use his little finger alone to feed all the mouths in the world you must accept it to be true because that would tie in with your social democratic principle since all would be fed. That is the man Nana Addo for you! That is certainly the man who says 'all die be die'! uhuh!

Talking about free education being possible or otherwise (and ignoring the fact that that is not what Nana promised even though if you question him he'd come claiming you don't accept free education is possible), Pal, the framers of Ghana's 1992 constitution long ago, before this Nana's vision, envisioned that govt of Ghana should work towards making education 'PROGRESSIVELY FREE'. And this constitution was championed by the NDC folks whom Nana Addo today wants to tell us are hypocritical social democrats who don't believe in free education. Now, what could be more visionary than that provision in the constitution that binds all administrations and hence does not give any administration the choice to act otherwise? Indeed, what could be more of a statement of the POSSIBILITY of free education than that for Nana Addo to come today claiming that he has some vision that free education is possible instead of answering concrete questions on his free SHS claim?

Now, back to the beginning again, Nana claims that because students are failing, the solution to that is his bogus free SHS which would give students continuous schooling from basic to SHS nonstop! Mass production! Which sane person would say such a thing? What kind of diagnosis and prescription is that? He claims also that because people cannot afford the fees that's why we have people who are staying at home instead of being in SHS. So the solution is free SHS. Nana fails completely to appreciate the fact that there are many who are staying at home not because they can't afford but because there are no spaces to absorb them even though they qualify by the regulations.

Aside all those complete abuse of the human brain by Nana Addo is the issue of monetary cost! And even here that one could expect Nana to work the numbers as population by cost of items needed with reasonable margins of error, Nana fails to show sense! But of course I don't expect him to show sense even with such mundane estimations! First after various in calls in Ghana for Nana to demonstrate how he'd finance his bogus SHS, he went to the UK and booked an interview spot on BBC HardTalk and when asked Nana claimed, rather bizarrely that he was going to Ghana to tell Ghanaians first before telling the BBC as if if he mentioned it on BBC Ghanaians would not hear or when he comes to mention it in Ghana the BBC would not hear!!! hmmmm pal. I say hmmmmm!

In the end what we got from Nana on that shameful BBC interview were two contradictory positions on the cost: (1) That the financing was already 'costed' and (2) that the financing was 'being costed'. Which is which? Nana Addo failed to tell. But lo and behold, by the next few hours after that interview, all manner of figures started flying at us from his team (including Prof. Gyan Baffour and Boakye Agyako) as the 'cost'. Yet Nana Addo did not come out to tell us which one those figures were: the 'costed' or the 'being costed'. Well, some air got blown over these to quieten things down with the passing of prez Mills and all, but lo and behold, not long after, we were told Nana was to make a full presentation of the cost at the IEA evening encounter with presidential aspirants. OK. Nana got there and talked plenty without substance as I stated in my previous blog and all we got was some by-heart figures mentioned with bogus references to GDP percentages as if we are all dumb we don't know that GDP is not income for govt to spend and as if GDP was always static.

At that encounter Nana claimed he was going to pay for tuition fee too. But tuition is already paid for by govt. I never paid any tuition fee throughout my attendance of public schools including university. Yet Nana adds this to what he claims he'd be paying for to make SHS free. He said 78million cedis is the cost for the first year of implementation. Pal, you can work that figure by the current population alone (don't add those who have not got access yet) per head for fun and see what magic Nana brings! I leave you to do that. that is the figure that would pay for books, tuition, feeding, uniforms, etc. He did not tell us whether all the students (1st, 2nd and 3rd years) would benefit. He just said first year of implementation. hehe! let me laugh!

Yet not long after that claim, Nana's own communication director, when challenged on live radio, claimed that Nana meant additional cost but not full cost? additional cost? how is it additional cost when Nana himself mentions 'tuition' as one of the things he's coming to pay for when tuition is already paid for by govt? The man himself did not say additional cost. he said that is what the cost is for the first year of implementation. Yet when challenged further then to tell what the full cost is, Akomea then bizarrely claimed he did not know the full cost!!! eiiiii more mess! just mess! phumm phumm phumm! hold your nose pal! this is foul air! phumm!

Now, we have the NPP launching their manifesto, and yet after all the gymnastics by Nana at IEA encounter, his figure of 78million cedis cannot be found in that manifesto against his free SHS promise!!!

Pal, need I say more? Nana is a charlatan who doesn't speak sense and his proposal is nothing but a scam!


Jerome said...

The part I have a problem with is when people say that if you don't agree with his policy then you're against free education. That's a lie. The debate is about how to do it. It's easy to promise and come up with any figure at all.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

you've got a point

ela asare said...

they keep contradicting themselves. i wonder why we should vote them into power.

Kwaku said...

Novisi, I agree that this free education being proposed by Nana Addo is a scam but you can use a more polite language to drive home your point. Currently a significant number of JSS graduates score 0% on the BSE exams. Thats what should be our concern and not this hoax called free education. I am sure in the unlikely event of NPP winning the concept of free will be redefined. Thats why they don't want to spell exactly what free means.

Kwaku Yeboah said...

Novisi you seem to have a point and I also believe the free education promise is a scam but calling Nana Addo a charlatan among many other adjectives is unfair. I don't agree with you that Nana Addo does not speak sense. with the exception of a few occassions he speaks sense.

Anonymous said...

On this day, 11th September 2017 the free shs policy has started. Novisi or whatever,deescribe Nana Addo now. Kasa by heart NDC

novisi said...

I guess (also because you're anonymous) you're no less a clown than your Nana Addo.
Can you tell me which of the questions I raised here has been answered?
how is payment of fees of only first-year students a start of free shs? when will it continue? tomorrow? next year? next decade?
Identify yourself and I will give you more descriptions. agree?