Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nana Akuffo Addo is not correct

of course when one is not correct then he is certainly wrong!

But in Ghana when you are told 'you are not correct' it could as well be the Ghanaian slang that means you have gone round the bend. Lunacy then is your lot! So beware and don't take the Ghanaian's way of using English words for granted. If you are not sure ask and ask again!

So what's up? it's xmas! yeah right!

It was in the news last Friday that the man Akuffo Addo who's around wanting to be president 'at all cost' with the battle cry 'all die be die' says he was provoked to make that round-the-bend swearing because 'he's not sure' he ever heard the president apologized for the occurrence of violence at certain places: Agbogloshie, Chereponi, Atiwa; and before he said this Akuffo Addo cautioned that he could be wrong! So I say Akuffo Addo is not correct! he's certainly wrong! and needs to be told so in plain language.

The preposterous nature of his excuse cannot be overemphasized. Must the president single out these places by name before this man would tune his ears to hear? Was it not this same president who delegated members of his govt to help quell the violence at Agbogloshie? Was it not this same man Akufo Addo who was hailing the violence his people demonstrated at that same Atiwa as a show of courage which he says his forefathers had and that that is the way to go? He now wants the president to apologize for the violent occurrence that he Akuffo Addo praises? If this is not lunacy then what is it?

Pal, look here and look well, I have come to the position where I think instead of praying for peace, Ghanaians should have a referendum to decide whether to have peace or war come the 2012 elections. That should settle it for all the war mongers. You this man was caught urging your supporters in a secret meeting to be ready to engage in violence during the next elections because for you 'all die be die' and instead of moving away from such talk you rather decided to damn everyone and chose to repeat it at various places and you have printed t-shirts, leaflets, etc proclaiming 'all die be die' and now you say you were provoked to do these things because 'you are not sure' the president did apologize for violence you take credit for?

My penis! If I can say my foot why can't I say my penis? This man Akuffo Addo has proven enough that he has gone round the bend and for me that should make Ghanaians reject him for president. He keeps saying some of the most irrational things that even Bush the bush would not say. I voted in 2008 because I don't want to have this man as president and I'd vote again in the next elections, come Odumakuma, to make sure I act against such lunacy for leadership.

and pal, let me underscore my position again, I do not oppose all war but I prefer peace. If war must come it must be a sensible war! It should not be an 'all die be die war'. Such a war can only be a stupid war where actors do not care how they die. If you think you don't understand me then find out why there's a thing like 'war crime', that even in war, one could be charged for committing a crime!

So let's have a referendum. Then those who want peace would vote for peace and those who want war would vote for war. Then we'd have the result and move on with peace or with war!

Enough of the Lunacy!


DIDI said...

Enough of the Lunacy Bro,You Make Sense,10000000% on point.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.. Edem