Sunday, January 15, 2012

...but this woyome dance

I like Azonto dance. I like it especially when I see the women do it. There's always something about women doing what men do! oh yes! there's something about the way women dance!

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get my joints and muscles around the azonto rhythm. Indeed, the so called pastors who are calling it devilish can go and have a chat with the devil for all I care! same way kpalongo was said to be fetish and perverse!

...but this woyome dance...

Well, once upon OurTime, it has happened that one Ghanaian alone out of the about 20m Ghanaians has been given a whooping sum of money. This arose out of a court order to settle debt owed him by the state. So the court rules however so. The story is so winding pal; I'd rather not try telling it but go on straight to my opinions. Indeed, it must turn out that the crooked nature of the story as told so far reflects in the form in which I share my opinions. Just like the way the chicken feeds, very random, yet the aim of filling the stomach is kept intact.

The president has asked the state's anti-fraud agency EOCO to investigate the matter and all related judgement debts paid and some have questioned this move. The minority in parliament led by their leader for example has put fourth a theory hence, that a subordinate cannot investigate the boss. Such a stupid theory to say the least. This theory simply means that even though the constitution grants powers for the impeachment of the president, the boss of all bosses in the country, nobody can investigate him and hence that provision in the constitution must not exist. What a foolish theory again!

Again the opposition NPP has asked all members who were former appointees in the previous govt administration to whom the origin of this woyome dance could be traced not to cooperate with the EOCO! A very interesting stand to take pal. I hope there's enough legal basis to round the recalcitrants up and put them to questioning quickly. We must get to the bottom of this matter and no one must be above the law!

The NPP have obviously decided to make a hefty meal out of this woyome dance and some of the people leading the charge really make me feel like vomiting but for the fact that I cherish the food I eat than their appalling records 'in govt'. They want us to take it that their members or their 'govt' which was led my dearest Kufused (Kufour the confused) have no questions to answer and that all blame must be given to the Mills led govt. Well, pal, I hate it when people can't look me in the face and call me a fool but rather employ funny means to achieve same. If you have no question to answer why not just go to the mandated body investigating the matter and prove your case?

One very key feature in this saga is the question as to whether or not Mr. Woyome had a contract with govt under Kufour. Mr Woyome himself says that indeed, he did not have a contract with govt directly but did some job for govt. The NPP and some of their friends in the media claim Mr. Woyome did not have a contract with govt and that proves he does not deserve any money back and so "end of matter". And they continue to challenge Mr. Woyome to provide evidence of any contract with govt as if they are so deaf they never heard the man confess that he had no contract with govt and did not go to court on that basis. my question to all is: DOES ONE NEED A DOCUMENT WITH THE TITLE 'CONTRACT' WITH SOME TERMS SPELT OUT BEFORE S/HE CAN BE SAID TO HAVE A BUSINESS DEAL WITH GOVT FOR WHICH PAYMENT MUST BE MADE?
If yes then the NPP and their media parrots are right and hence Woyome is wrong and must be made to refund the people's money. And whichever govt official failed to nail this down must be called to answer. Otherwise, as if I need to say it, the NPP and their parrots are just wrong!

Now, within the ruling NDC are some very confused people too! an obvious human nature which makes me wonder why some people think there can be something like 'party unity', something which is in the least a mirage! I'd not be a fool to vote for any party because that party comes telling me 'they are united'. What a useless piece of stuff to yearn for let alone advertise! And I'd add it's one of the reasons I can't find myself belonging to any political party. I'm so much on the side of individual right's and responsibilities and against 'party unity' that I find it difficult to trade these for some sheepish collective zombism. Anyway, back to my point: some confused ones in the NDC think the govt must come to the defence of Woyome, by unleashing it's resources to also parrot counter claims to what the NPP and their associates say because it's their party the NDC that is 'in govt'; as if it's no more taught in schools that govt involves everybody! Let me just say these NDC blockheads are acting stupid. how can this be when the issue is not clear and the president has asked for investigations?

Meanwhile, the Atourney General and Minister of Justice has come under all forms of attack since this issue came out and he has been compelled by some forces to issue a very self-indicting letter. I say to the govt: Arrest the AG and put him to questioning for confessing to sitting on fraud information. He must be made to tell us which minister he knows, as he claims, to be behind committing fraud against Ghana and Ghanaians. simple as that.

Pal, I would end here for now.

Let's meet on the other side where there's light to keep the women's every Azonto dance move in sharp focus for this woyome dance is immersed in too much of the dark.


Nana Yaw Sarpong said...

nice one. One thing you failed to mention, after bashing the NPP, is that they've been proved right to a large extent. They raised the red flag on the payment, not the gov't. Now the AG is filing a case in court asking that Woyome refund the 52m. You see? But me too i like the azonto dance when it's done by women.

novisi said...

Women on the Azonto dance floor is always 'heaven come down'. NA TRUE!

But true too! the NPP or anyone or other group is yet to be proven wrong or right in this whole saga.

Even if we are to just cursorily assume that the NPP is right with the claim that because Woyome didn't have a contract he's not owed money, so that the AG is proceeding in the same line as they advanced, that is still yet to be proven. Indeed, the AG has only made a claim and asked to be given time to prove his case in court. That proof is yet to happen. It's still the AG's claim against Woyome's.

Meanwhile I'm particularly interested in the outcome of the AG's claim as to what it means for whatever job Woyome did for govt. Does it mean govt officials can use state institutions to con people into doing job for which they'd not be paid with the excuse that there was no 'contract'? See the danger? Well, my eye is on that angle seriously.

Again, the NPP have not been proven right that the EOCO does not have the credentials go investigate the matter.

So I'm not sure what and what constitute the 'large extent' of proof of right you award NPP.

Jerome said...

Interesting post. The paying of this 'gargantuan' sum of money to Woyome is really fishy, legal intricacies or not. His several pronouncements in the media leave me with little doubt that he didn't deserve a pesewa of our money.

What leaves me in wonder is why the NPP ministers will not go to EOCO and tell us what they know. We're setting a dangerous precedent in this country if we undermine state institutions. No NDC minister or appointee failed to appear before the SFO, NRC or any other body during the NPP's 8 years in power, despite all the perceptions about bias and prejudice.

In the end, I hope 'cool headedness' prevails, but not in the manner of Mr Amidu.

Edward of PathGhana said...

I blame all this madness on the lack of communication between our two main parties; NPP and NDC. They see themselves more as Kotoko and Hearts rather than seeing themselves as Black Stars and Black Queens