Saturday, October 1, 2011

celebrating Nana Darkoa

all protocols observed, primp and proper,

I just woke up and I'm yet to brush my teeth, thus if I even would want to. I'm yet to come across a single human with white teeth as they advertise on TV. oh i hate TV!

Anyway, however, I just took the latest edition of 'focus on Africa Magazine' which I bought as far back as far last Wednesday and never read. So I decided to read and as I normally do I start from the editor's note, part of which reads: "...we log onto some African bloggers who are confronting pretty staunch taboos. Not for sensitive readers." signed: Nick Ericsson, Editor (oh by the way Joseph Warungu is gone with the wind as he came with the wind).

Ok, all that sounds like a ritual but wait, the mention of bloggers makes me search for the login page on the content page. So I found listed by page 64, the heading: SEX BLOGS under the category: Arts. So why wait any further now? I jumped, stamped, bounced and flipped with a monumental leap aimed at page 64. But my landing was rather aided by the wind and so I landed two pages from 64. Sweet landing, I tell you. Pictured seated in a colourful cane-chair with a violet smile and a greenish and lush skirt spread over crossed legs in exquisite fashion. Beautiful. So beautiful that the only text I've read on the entire page so far is the caption: "My dad has never read my blog" - Nana Darkoa.

Okay, okay, (don't I like that song by Asa? I do) let me stop here. I'm going back to read the whole report. I'd start from the very first word on page 64 and move sensually word after word.

Meanwhile, Kudos to Nana Darkoa for shining the light thus far.


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Yes, I have visited there before. She's got a lot going on there.

Nana said...

Awww Novisi. Bless your cotton socks :) I'm flattered that a whole post on your blog is devoted to me. Plus my ego is pleased :) Hugs

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