Friday, September 9, 2011

wikileaks: the days of the revelations

Many are they who have committed all kinds of evil under the dark. I certainly prefer a man who'd coming attacking me with full and determined force in the face rather than have someone creep up my back to stab me or hack off my head! ouch! what did they do to Osama again? and what was that Osama did to them too?

Forget skyscrapers and forget the wonders of Dubai! This world is far from civilization pal, I dare say! In a world where people can hardly be frank and speak their minds to ideas, without looking over their shoulders for all sorts of shackles that come in the form of religion, age, tribe, culture (something I think has no meaning or at best confuses human beings. what is culture at all?) eye-colour, political organization, etc., you don't call that world civilized. That is an uncivilized world for civilization stems from the mind and you can't cripple that stem and claim to be civilized, to put it simply 'in a winding way'.

So it's in the spirit of such yearning for civilization that I welcome all the leaks from wikileaks with open arms, awaa waa tuu u! How so refreshing! Almost every govt is this world is embarrassed in some way by the leaks and I'm glad so. If Jesus is a saviour then so is wikileaks! Ye-su!

In Ghana where I'm supposed to be a citizen, some are eager to remain tied to their conservatism and are saying people should ignore wikileaks. How? Why? their reasons are still-birthed with confusion anyway! no sense! wikileaks is like the revelations in the Bible and gives enough food for thought. It reveals issues ranging from Agriculture to the Zealousness of people, which issues should guide men and women to build a better world instead of playing the ostrich and remaining in sh*t! (even shit one cannot say freely).

what kind of world is this? why can't someone who thinks he's white just feel free to call me Black Monkey while I also feel free to call him White-Elephant and just walk free without any beastly killings or harm? I urge black Americans to call for the free use of the n-word. NIGER! allow people to use whatever word they want. For ChriSt's sake, words don't kill. Humans do!

Anyway pal, I pray for more leaks for more revelations. The world is a better place so!

have a good weekend and see you on the flip side!

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Sedzro Kojo Mensah said...

Interesting revelation on diplomatic konkosa.