Friday, September 2, 2011

The deception called patriotism

I'm not patriotic!
This is another bogus principle that is preached: patriotism.

when we were growing up as school children we were thought to sing patriotic songs like Yen Ara Ya Sa Se Ne, etc. good songs in terms of artistry but left lots to be desired in terms of principle.

Today I look back and cringe at the idea that instead of helping to open the minds of young men and women we rather had adults who were too willing to make sure our imaginations were clipped so we did not think much beyond the artificial borders created for us by none other than Europeans ironically. So the songs said, hold on to these borders and never let go even at the peril of your life.

They said we should put our country first (not bad in an age where Obama is ready to team up with Sarkozy to destroy Libya with the excuse that Gaddafi is a tyrant). but on a serious philosophical level, why have human beings been such uncivilized for all these years that we have created borders for whatever reason, fear, greed, etc., and at which borders we meet and fight? these creations cannot be civilization. No!

True civilization is when men and women respect the existence of one another and accord one another space to probe ideas. we are not there and I wonder when we'd get there.

So, as for me, I'm not a Ghanaian. I'd never truly accept that I'm Ghanaian even though my passport says so (just so I can get by in this artificial world). indeed, I'd never accept to be a citizen of any country. I'm me and my thoughts are freely based on ideas of this world.

I'd support the Black Stars of Ghana if I want since I like good football just as I'd support the Lions of Cameron if I want. I love Eto. Again, I'd support Gaddafi against Obama when I see a calculated attempt to destroy and steal from Libya and I'd at the same time find space to condemn Gaddafi for any wrongs on his part.

That is how the human spirit is naturally: FREE!

chat you later pal.


Anonymous said...

When you say you're not Ghanaian but you're a citizen of Ghana,isn't that a contradiction?

To be a Citizen,is to belong,to be a part of without division.When you belong you inherit the name Ghanaian!

Anonymous said...

My bad just read the blog again,misunderstanding!

Anonymous said...

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds."

Well said!

-Different Anon from previous

novisi said...

@First Anon,
Thanks for sharing. So i hope you get my point now. my passport says I'm a Ghanaian and people refer to me as such and I tell people I'm from Ghana to fit into the kind of sectarian world we have created for ourselves. However, philosophically I cannot pin myself down to accept the notion that I should tie myself to any country! even historically, I had no part to play in the formation of Ghana. Thanks.

novisi said...

@Second Anon,
That line from Bob Marley perhaps summarizes my point. We need to dig deep to differentiate between the artificial borders and the potentials of the human imagination which can lead to much creativity. Thanks.