Friday, August 5, 2011

loyalty is a bogus virtue

I want to deal with the absurdity of some of the principles we get pumped into our heads my external forces and which external forces come in the form of parents, teachers, preachers, governments etc. I'd see how far I can go.

First on the table is loyalty.
Loyalty simply says (and you can hear it speak to you right?) that you should have an unwavering faith in me if you want to be loyal to me. That means no matter what I do, be it good or bad you must take whatever I tell you and follow it.

Pal I need not tell you this principle is nothing but stupid. So my advise to you is simple. be loyal to no one. I mean If I were Abraham and God came asking me to kill my son I'd have refused because I believe in human rights. and don't tell me about God the all powerful because the same God makes us understand that we are supposed to be like him (and that's what the holy books preach right?).

So pal never be loyal to me because I won't be loyal to you.


lucci said...

I don't entirely agree with you though, the example about Abraham is quite extreme,but i guess its a matter of belief.

Man is not an Island, the bonds we build with others require some amount of loyalty, one which is not to be given blindly of cause.

novisi said...

I think once you state that loyalty is not to be given blindly, it makes a profound re-enforcement of my point that loyalty is a bogus virtue.

It's simple, you can't have a conditional 'loyalty' towards your fellow. it can only come in full.

it's a different case when you pledge loyalty to some ideology. for example, you can be loyal to a principle of not being loyal to any man. that is an absolute statement and makes sense since the ideology cannot change to cause you to change your stance.

so you can build bonds with fellow men based on loyalty but you can also build bonds without loyalty to anyone.