Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Nobel peace prize for Quattara

Ah yes oh pal dearest of the dear!

simple as that: give Quattara a Nobel peace prize and let me clap for you!

one is left to wonder about the worth of recognition awards bring!!! These days it appears no single day passes without someone winning some award. The ones that intrigue me most are the various awards for so called movie stars in Ghana. what do those guys do on set to merit awards? anyway! yet there's the one for banks and some other cooperate institutions: for them it's as if they meet to decide to just share awards among themselves. almost every bank or financial institution gets a piece of 'best customer service, or best bank of the year or best venture capital or best innovation or just best-it-was-just-cooked-up-some!

So much for deviation. So Quattara is a peace loving man after all. He has called for reconciliation in Cote d'Ivoire. In fact he's setting up and peace and reconciliation commission to reconcile the people. And whilst at it he's keeping Gbagbo the former president he overthrew with the help of French fighter jets under lock and key. No freedom for him! That's not all. He says anyone who committed atrocities during the run to his overthrow of Gbagbo would be prosecuted. And he says so without acknowledging that he did any wrong himself by prosecuting a needless war as the means of resolving electoral disputes of an election that was supposed to be about democracy! oh Quattara is so peaceful his forces just imagined Ggagbo out and bingo that was it. They did not shed any innocent blood in his name.

So isn't Quattara therefore a wonderful sight to behold and hence deserving of a Nobel? After all, Sirleaf Johnson of Liberia who supported Charles Tailor the warlord to unleash terror on the people of Liberia and Sierra Leon and when she did not have her way with Tailor joined forces with the LURD to wage a counter war against Tailor has just won a Nobel peace prize! ah she's so peaceful! she's claiming to be reconciling the people of Liberia and that is what has earned her an Nobel!!!

So please give one Nobel to Quattara too and let me have this behind me!


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

The very day that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, I knew the Nobel Peace Prize is not for people who love or create peace. Besides, prior to Obama, Henry Kissinger had won it for invading Vietnam and that south African who upheld Apartheid also won a Nobel Peace Prize. I am one person who never celebrated because another African woman has won the Nobel. For what? We all know what she did. We know the part she played in Taylor's attack. Perhaps she won because she's the president of Liberia. Nothing more nothing less. Personally, I never even shouted when Lu Xiabao won. To me it's all political. An American president won and a Chinese dissident has to win. It's mere propaganda. Besides, do you know of Sirleaf's opinion on African unity? That's what they reward.

Think-About-It said...

Nana Fredua-Agyeman, you said it all.

DIDI said...

You make sense Bro..