Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PONTIFICATION: a foolish apology to the CJ

It's with every thread of fun in me that i write you this missive. no! sorry, rather, i mean that that i'm about to pontificate to you.

some group of so called Network of Social Democrats (NESOD) have just issued a foolish apology to the Chief Justice of Ghana and she has not come out to say whether she accepts it or not. But I want to 'pontificate' to her to reject that apology pronto because it's a foolish apology.

wait! I'm not saying it's a foolish apology because I believe the Chief Justice deserves any supplication from these 'cantata network'. far from it. Rather I'd rather the NESOD' guys repeat their threat than issue that bogus apology that says they did not mean bad but are apologizing. If you did not mean bad then what are you apologizing for? you are apologizing for good?

Okay, hold it there pal. This first woman Chief Justice in the history of Ghana is one who has been another point of division between the two largest political groupings, NPP and NDC. generally, if you are against her then you are deemed to be NDC and if you are for her then you are deemed to be NPP. that is what we have now really. Ghana's politics is that childish as if America's is any better!!! forget America! It's as if you don't have human beings but cats and dogs who need my guidance!!! yes i'm the pontificator!

okay so it happened that these 'NESOD' guys called for the CJ to resign with all her will or else be 'forced through the narrow window'. Then hey-ba! matter don com! why should these guys make such a statement under the sun? Sacrilege! So the CJ herself led a charge calling on the police to deal with them because that was a threat on her life, she claimed. but Christo me! I've heard worse in this very cantata country I find myself. Anyway!

So what's new? 'force through narrow window' now means 'life is under threat'? Pal, per chance, has the English Language changed that much without my noticing? well, some have argued that the group have no locus to remove the CJ under the law. But since when did it necessarily mean when a judge says he/she would jail someone then the judge him/herself would handcuff the 'jailee' and match the 'jailee' to the jail and then lock up the 'jailee' personally? Do the citizens of Ghana not have powers entrusted into the hands of officers to execute wishes or dreams on their behalf?

Pal, I'm saying, no, i'm pontificating, that 'force through narrow window' can mean I'd shoot you down through a narrow window or that i'd take the most narrow of legitimate or legal steps to get you out of the way. So the CJ can claim to be threatened alright and run to the police like some frightened chicken but that is all she can claim. It's up to her and the police to prove that these guys actually mean evil but not paradiso!

So I just posted on a friends' blog (Homophobia:): "i'm feeling all gay and proud". Does that necessarily mean i'm saying i'm feeling all homosexual and proud? or we are too quick to let our sentiments overrun our brains?

Pal, whatever be the answer, I have pontificated.

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