Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Su, let us divide

I remember Grandma had a pen full of Goats
and a day never passed without some locking horns
over food and over mates;
and they fought till they bled and bled.

So Grandma decided to partition the pen;
the short legged to one side,
the long horned to the other
and the stubborn ones apart!
Grandma did all that and yet
the fighting did not stop
So Grandma continued to divide till the day she breathed her last.

So now that we are behaving like the animals
the humans would soon come to segregate us.

The fools would be in the middle.
The screamers of Allah and Jehovah the father
would want to be on his right-hand side
but we’d put them face to face with the devil
so we can compare and contrast.
Those who claim to be lovers of the anus by nature or choose to so do
would be in the NW
And they’d be both Homo-anal and Hetero-anal
men who climb the buttocks of other men and men who climb the buttocks of women
and all those who hate them for loving the anus can go to hell.

Then we’d pause and look at everyone again.

We’d see the racists and pack them in the S.
The rapists would go way up to the East of the North.
The lovers of sharia and the Mosaic eye-for-eye would be in the ENE
And next to them would be the suicide bombers
so they can blow up themselves.

And we would not stop there!
We can’t stop there!

*dedicated to the people of Sudan, both North and South of the divide*


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Interesting piece Novisi. I saw your point early on, in reference to South Sudan. Then you changed trajectory in the middle. And I still got you. And it was there I saw the larger picture. That we cannot divide and be strong, that without tolerance we shall, in the end, create a nation for every individual. For, so long as we are humans - each bearing his own unique mind - we shall think differently. Must that difference leads us to divide? And same thinking is taking place in Nigeria. We say: unity is strength, yet we are eager dividing... are we de-strengthening ourselves? Intentionally weakening ourselves to face the might of those united?

thought-provoking piece bro

novisi said...

@Nana, wow that's a good review for me. Thanks for making me understand what i've written better. These were just thoughts that came to me as I observed the Independence of South Sudan from Sudan (Sudan from Sudan, lol).

Nana Yaw Sarpong said...

we were divided before - now, we divide ourselves.

Anonymous said...

A great piece! Thank you.