Thursday, May 19, 2011

a 'buulu-ful' of judges and magistrates!

This Ga word 'buulu' (meaning stupid) has caused me a stirring more than the subject matter to tap away at my keyboard in prose! I love Ga so much because it has a lot of bombastic words like buulu! you should have the misfortune of a well bred typical Ga woman render that word to you with the full rounded weight of her sensuality. There'd see 'pepper'!

NEWS: the association of judges and magistrates in Ghana have decided on their own to withdraw services to some four lawyers for suggesting that there's corruption in the judiciary!!! end of news! novisi, reporting for 'Buulu News Network' (BNN).

no Pal, not yet! it used to be that I called Ghana my mother-land and sang so called patriotic songs. However, i have realized the word 'patriotism' is a very bad word and so I have taken possession of my personal sovereignty (however imaginary!) and I guard it with so much jealousy that in times like this I just want to scream 'I PISS ON YOU GHANA'!!! I'm a free being!!! no nation owns me!!!

what kind of nation would have judges who are paid by the taxpayer decide on their own that they have blacklisted some particular lawyers (reason doesn't matter even) and so would not hear cases that they are in charge of? I mean this is complete 'buuluism'!!! and the reason they have given for their decision is even more scandalous!!! That the lawyers have claimed there is corruption in the judiciary without proof!!! wow! even Chief Justices, both past and present have claimed same!!! so what's new? is this not absurd 'buuluism'?

Pal, another reason why I got stirred enough to write you this love letter is becuase of how closely the Ga word 'buulu' sounds to the English word 'bully' and that fascinates me even though they have different meanings. My fascination about this sound 'proximity' is due to the fact that in another sense the decision of the association of judges and magistrates is nothing but a clear manifestation of a deep-rooted bully-mentality in the Ghanaian society! I guess many of these judges and magistrates are drunk by such bully-mentality which they might have carried into their profession from their secondary schools or homes; where many are bullied into submission.

how can people who are supposed to be guardians of the law which includes free speech decide on their own, perhaps after some pre-mature ejaculations, that such a stance is good enough? who gave judges the authority to decide who to certify as lawyers in good standing per their (judge's) association's authority which is only limited to their members? The dictates of the association of judges is not binding on non-members for Tigari's sake!!! So if I was one of these lawyers and then it happens that this very 'ban' is lifted later and I'm supposed to appear before any of these judges then how could I trust that the judge would not be bias against me after such clear display of 'buuluism' when judges are not supposed to be biased?

Indeed, I submit that this very action by the association of judges is an example of corruption!!! hence, all those judges who are abiding by this very 'ban' decision have proven to be corrupt!!!

Pal, the more I think about this buulu decision the more it's state as stupid becomes clear.

I pause.


Nana Yaw Sarpong said...

Pal, good one there. I think they shouldn't have made that decision to not hear their cases. Sending the case to the Legal COuncil was enough.
It's your poetic self that is drawing the link between 'buulu' and bully'. Interestingly given the practical situations we are faced with. Another Ga word that describes those who are stupid to a fault "Otoodonu" lol

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

the only difference between a democracy like ours and an autocracy is that while the latter uses force and guns the former uses subtle bullying and pens. I hate it when a group of people become laws unto themselves. It's so stupid and ignorant on such judges to even conceive such an absurd idea. Can't we say the presidency is corrupt? So why not judges? Are they above the limits of 'god-ism'? Sometimes I think we should stop all these mush-mush human judgement and begin to use Tigare, Antoa and the rest. For them, they hear all cases and judge according to motives not words. Words which can be misunderstood, misconstrued, mispronounced, misheard, and even miss altogether. Are these the people who call themselves the guardians of the constitution when the constitution itself guarantees one the freedom to express himself? You see? These individuals were against the repeal of the criminal libel law, per their actions. I hope you don't PISS ON GHANA but PISS ON THESE IGNORAMUSES who think that by wearing white-wigs and black cloaks they become second to god. It is clear that when military takes over the country, the first people to be aggrieved are the judiciary. Why? because the military has taken away their godships from them. They are corrupt and should just accept it, even per their actions.