Monday, March 28, 2011


Onukpa Gbonyo!

look, let me take a stand right here
right now!

stand toe-to-toe with you
let me
tell you
my peace of mind right now!

so you are older than I am and so…?
so I should not say
you have spoken jazz
when that indeed is what you have done?

so I should not say it when you have messed the air?

because some forefather sat on his lazy buttocks
at some foretime
swallowed a mountain of fufu in record time
and belched out his gluttonous fill
in a lousy claim so proclaimed as an adage:

The flatulence of an elder is not to be spoken of by a child!

so you deny your own child meat
consuming all there is
and you have the nerve!
oh yes you do!
so you coin your own maxim
telling us the child must not be allowed to develop taste for meat lest he becomes a thief!

Onukpa Gbonyo!
you are such a Kweku Ananse
but let it be known to you right here right now
as I take this stand
this is rebellion time!

March 2011
~~decicated to all revolutionaries of right~~
(read first time at Nubuke Foundation on Sunday March 27, 2011)

Onukpa Gbonyo = bad elder in Ga language.


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

enjoyed your reading last night. date was 27/03...

rhymesonny said...


Tetekai said...

I missed yesterday's event. Maybe next two weeks?
I love that; just because you are older than i am does not make what wrong you commit, right. :) Onukpa Gbonyo

novisi said...

@Nana, thanks and thanks for correcting the date for me.

novisi said...

@rhymesonny, i think i did that before you came in. i hope the spirit carries me so i can do it again some time.

novisi said...

@Tetekai, we did have some fun yesterday. thanks for loving. i could literally hear you say Onukpa Gbonyo. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Nice one. I enjoyed it.

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

From the way you write, I'd have loved to watch you read this ... for the full intended effect.

Too bad the Onukpa gbonyei have messed up what was a good thing. I still tap into old age for wisdom but I'm selective on which onukpa I go to.

novisi said...

@Graham, thanks for sharing.

novisi said...

yeah, we have to be selective in deciding what to tap from the Onukpas. for me it doesn't matter who is involved but rather what is involved. i mean i won't mind taking a wise counsel from an Onukpa gbonyo but i'd mind taking a bad counsel from an Onukpa gbonyo. lol.

Jennifer Black said...

well that's certainly creative, well done. check out mine if u get the chance:

novisi said...

@Jennifer, thanks for sharing. you have an awesome world of descriptions there! i enjoyed reading your adventures.