Wednesday, February 16, 2011

all die be die - the unintelligent battle cry!

pal dear of the year 2011,
Ghana got done with it's last elections way back in December 2008 and yet a lot of the political discourse ever since would make you think the declaration of the winner of the last elections was rather a declaration for the start of full swing party political campaigns!!!

Akuffo Addo, the man who lead the then incumbent party NPP into contest and yet lost would just not allow much space for government to proceed -His democratic right! no question about that. However, initially, against his own party's constitution (which states it's the chairman of the party which is the leader when in opposition till a presidential candidate is elected), he lead out himself as the leader of the party and was making statements in that false capacity to the extent that he broke his own promise not to criticize the Mills administration till after six months in office. So he was called to order by his own party people. So then having been challenged he quickly maneuvered and got some people to back him to get elected as the presidential candidate for the 2012 elections albeit through a far more better means than the deception presented to Ghanaians in 2007 when he was not properly elected!!!

One of the first things Akuffo Addo did after being elected presidential candidate, more than than 2 years yet into the next elections, was to call the current president names: "Prof. Do Little". nice!!! Then followed the criticism of Mills as flip-flopping on the issue Cote d'Ivoire just because the president stated his personal position on the issue which contradicts the very foolish position of ECOWAS which Mills signed. Subsequent to the 'flip-flopping' tag Akuffo Addo was also tagged a war-monger for criticizing the president's call for a peaceful resolution and yet we were told no, he was not war mongering!!! the contradiction there too is large!!!

Akuffo Addo has launched into full-fledged campaigning under the guise of helping his party organize a better parliamentary primaries compared to the admitted thuggery and violence and impositions that happened the last time!!! he says the those contributed to his lost of the presidential contest so wants to right the wrong!!! While at it, Akuffo Addo appears at Koforidua where we are told the girls are all flowery and decided to make some claims; such that the basis of which I see no head or tail. The man launches into some kind of tribal talk, i have no problem with that!!! i have my own tribe and i don't even give a flatulence!!! while on with the tribal or ethnic talk however, the man tells us that people must get ready to die for his presidential bid because 'all die be die'. by the way, the call 'all die be die' is a reckless claim by people who care less about their own or others' failings which might result in death!!! it's more like a ghetto 'talk' and simply means it does not matter how one dies!

Yesu Cristo!!! what a foul smelling fart!!! This is so bad a talk that should come from one seeking to be president!!! my pal of 2011, i mean, if you were in charge of an army going into war, would you tell your troops that 'all die be die' so they should just get up and go? Akuffo Addo has shown that he'd be a very bad commander-in-chief if given the opportunity!!! I love war!!! there are bad people in the world and they must be checked or restricted or eliminated if need be!!! Again, there are always competing ideas and to have one's idea leading you must wage war, whether with your tongue or with your legs or with your balls or with guns and bullets!!! I love war!!! and I have my preferred choice of war type!!!

I'm assuming that there's nothing morally wrong to call people out to defend themselves with violence!!! and i'm assuming that it's not important to abide by calls for peaceful elections!!! So assume with me that it's all well and good that we have a full fledge slaughter house for an elections contest.

It's all pretty simple and nice for me!!! Akuffo Addo does not mind how people die in his name!!! he does not care if you commit suicide in defense of his cause!!! President Bush is criticized worldwide to have started a needless war in Iraq but even he did not say he was there because all die be die!!! he has expressed concern for the lost of innocent lives and has demonstrated great value for the many Americans who have sacrificed their lives!!! However, Akuffo Addo on the other hand even before the first casualty is suffered declares that 'all die be die', showing reckless abandon for the value of the lives that would be lost in his defense!!! This is not a leader who would even bother to plan a good war!!! This is clearly a leader who is wagging a war with recklessness!!! i'm yet to rest my case!!!


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

And there are a lot of people, formally educated and informally educated folks, who have come out to defend his speech to the letter. if I had not listen to it myself I would have been fooled by the explanations. How one could say that one tribe is considered 'dull' and therefore they would show them - the present govt - that they are not dull and would match them boot for boot, beats my mind. And to go ahead to call them to die since 'all die be die' for him to be president shocks me. I believe his children and wife and concubines would lead the fighting troop.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to hear that a leading political figure like Akofo Addo went that far. People defend this statement because they have to [it is politics].
Now, this statement was made by a desperate man who is ready to sacrifice you and I [not NPP alone] for his dream to become a president. it is not only NPP he wants to destroy by this statement but he wants to cause chaos in the whole country unless he gets his desires.
This is a dangerous man walking. It is so unfortunate that he is the leader of the main opposition party of the country. How does he expect to unite the whole country after making such tribalistic statements?

Anonymous said...

Ah my brother I'm sorry to say you have misunderstood the deeper issues at stake here. My recent blog post points out the existentialism of his statement and suggests that the popular Ghanaian response is a possible reaction to the anxiety of death and a rejection of pre-Christian Ghanaian culture. ;-)

novisi said...

brother Graham! no don't be sorry!!! you are expressing your views and i respect it. but i'd challenge your view too. I don't think i've mis-understood any deeper issues at stake!!! There are many sides to this issue and i chose to focus on what i consider most important.

meanwhile, i've not heard anyone question the existentialism of his statement. Rather i've heard both those people who claim to agree with him and those who claim to disagree with him accept the existentialism!!! and I have personally not debunked that existentialism in my post. i'm not against death and i'm not against war merely. like i stated, i love war but i don't support just any kind of war!!!

my focus is mainly on 'all die be die' as a strategy for battle and i've shown that it's a reckless strategy and hence unintelligent!!! Thus, I expect a 'commander in chief' of any troop of soldiers to value life or deaf for any cause to the extent that when you call out people for battle you must let them understand what means of death are to your benefit and what means are not! because you can't afford to have your soldiers die anyhow on a battle-field. that is death without focus and it's a self-crashing strategy!!!