Sunday, January 23, 2011


my dearest 2011 pal,
sometimes i feel i should have been a stone that you can just pickup playfully with a caressing touch or angrily with a knotted brow and throw at something, anything!

I feel so sometimes (not all the time) because i think that would not make me a part of the grave foolishness that i see my fellow human beings inflict on themselves and their neighbours!!!

There is a case of disputed elections in Félix Houphouët-Boigny's 'Coast of Ivory'!!! simple and 'tie-tia' and short!!! That is the bottom line of the current stand-off between the constitutionally sworn-in president Gbagbo and the 'other-means-possible-sworn-in' president Ouattara!!!

so how to solve this one? up steps ECOWAS, posing like an overwhelmed drunkard, staggering and stuttering but still eager to prove tough albeit with a long history of an undemocratic quaffing 'hang-over' and tells us all in the face of sense that they have decided to endorse Ouattara as the president elect and so have drawn up steps to get Gbagbo to remove himself from power or else employ the use of military force as a last option!!!

This is clear foolishness my dearest pal of 2011. no sense!!!
some are even bothering whether or not ECOWAS has the capacity to pool forces to remove Gbagbo but i would not spend time on that debate. The basic fact is that Ouattara's claim of victory is no less disputable as that of Gbagbo. on the other hand, Gbagbo's claim of electoral fraud by his opponent is no more credible than that of Ouattara. So there's clear dispute!!! 'simple, tie-tia, short'. Where then lies the sense in claiming Ouattara won? let alone that you'd use military power to remove Gbagbo therefore? in any case if ECOWAS claims it believes in 'constitutional democracy' then how dare they go against the constitutionally mandated body that has declared Gbagbo the winner? and talking about the 'constitution', even that one flies in the face of free and fair elections. so where lies the sense?

Gbagbo Still the FOOL:
oh YES! he is a fool. a big fool too!!! in my last post i made that clear. I have held this view of him from the moment he claimed he was the elected president in 2000 (NOT 2010 BUT TEN YEARS AGO)!!! This is a man who became president out of circumstances that were nothing but bizzare!. his main challenger then, same Ouattara, was banned from contesting that election with some foolish excuse made into law that he was not a 'full Ivorian' (and yet he was allowed to be prime minister at some point in same country previously). so I say Gbagbo is a fool. he is a fool because if he was wise he wouldn't have claimed to have won an election in 2000 and proceeded to hang on to power for a decade. That was no credible election. not a semblance!!! indeed, if he was wise he would have quickly worked towards a re-run of the elections, by first of all, improving on the constitution to allow Gbagbo to contest (a referendum, if needed should have been employed) and establishing a more independent and single electoral system instead of the duality they have which has added to the confusion.

I would not bother to talk about Ouattara!!! i see him as one who is only playing to the gallery like Gbagbo did in 2000. he is also another fool. However, Gbagbo for me, has always had more responsibility than anyone else so far as this country is concerned since the year 2000 and he has failed to live up to his responsibility.

Pal, better tell ECOWAS to stop the foolishness!!!

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