Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gbagbo the fool

pal dear,
in my last post i encouraged the use of hard real talk. so i say Gbagbo the fool.

This man Gbagbo became president of Ivory Coast in year 2000 under one of the most bizarre and questionable circumstances under the sun!!! indeed, back in the year 2000 after Gen. Robert Gue was swept away with brooms (yes brooms!) and Gbagbo who then got to be president should have been wise to know that he partly got that position 'unfairly' because Ouattara was banned from contesting!

Indeed, Gbagbo should have been wise enough to quickly work towards a re-run of the elections and allowed Ouattara to contest him but what did we see!!! this man Gbagbo just sat there and assumed for himself so much power and engaged in all sorts of mischief to consolidate power for a whole decade! and what at all did he achieve for Ivorians in all these 10 years? what good?

now there's an opportunity to still right the wrongs and yet Gbagbo is still behaving foolish and trying to hang onto power!!!
Pal, let someone tell that Gbagbo some sense!!!


Sankofa said...

This whole election was extremely dodgy from the get-go. Although I think Gbagbo's harming the nation by going ahead and re-instating himself as president anyway, I'm not sure Outtara won fairly either. This whole thing's a big mess.

novisi said...

hi Sankofa,
you are right. it's all a mess!!! but Gbagbo is the one who supervised the creation of the mess and hence i believe he more than anyone else has more responsibility to ensure that sanity prevails. Again, that is the same Gbagbo who was a beneficiary of another fraudulent elections in 2000. why is he just not showing commitment to free and fair elections? is it because he wants to continue to benefit from a system with too many loopholes? i believe time has come for Gbagbo to give way!

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Novisi, he is the most stupid man I have ever heard of. It hurts me so much that by someone's quest for power he becomes the cause of another's death. Yesterday at Talkparty, I read a piece I wrote specifically for him. I hate that guy. Yet, who declares the results of an election: electoral commission or the constitutional court. So that while the election organiser says Alassane Ouattara won the Constitutional Court says Gbagbo is president. Stupidity to the nth order.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

It is all right to steal the results. But to pretend some legitimacy (through the hand-picked Constitutional Council)is the mother of all bullsh*t.