Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hard talk babe!

yes Pal,
i need some real talk!
Ayi Kwei Armah long a go wrote that The Beautyful Once Are Not Yet Born!!! so who are the pretenders who are acting like they are beauty-ful?

last time before the sun went down the presidential candidate of the opposition NPP, Nana Addo described as bull-shit the allegations of drugs (cocaine, wee, etc!) against him!!! Yeah! and i thought that was good for some hard talk while i leave him to deal with the veracity of his claim. but good language pal. good!!!
Then, just yesterday, not long after the same sun came up, the vice president John Mahama who is rather popular for his 'diplomacy' which i find useless came out rather hard on the opposition to a govt proposal to make it possible to use Ghana 'oil' as collateral for developmental loans. he used the words 'baloney', 'foolish' and asked 'what the hell?'. yeah pal!!! beautiful language!!! nice! this is the kind of language we should be using and not be pretending to be nice to anyone!!!

if something is foolish we must call it foolish. if something is bull shit we must call it bull shit!!! even if we think (mere thought) that some thing is nonsense it must be said so while proving that claim to be right or otherwise conceding that you were rather foolish in making a wrong judgment should be treated as a separate dynamic!!!

i've grown up seeing all the pretense around me in the name of being nice, courteous, bla bla bla and i just feel enough is enough!!! the beauty-ful once are not yet born after all. we have so much filth around our white-washed houses!!! theres are too many pot-holes and man-holes on the roads we drive all these plush 4-wheels!!! indeed, those who claim all kinds of positions in the name of the people, every now and then go eating fat dishes and drinking volumes of wine and laugh kwa kwa kwa!!! all in the name of the people while the people themselves are left with no places to even defaecate the little waste they produce in their stomach from their stone-sweats!!!

off my chest! sigh!
Yes, bull shit indeed pal, give me some real hard talk!!!


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

say it like it is. Are you sure we should say these...? call a spade a spade... but at times diplomacy and nice talk is key.

I thought you were going to write about the wikileaks of the leaked US foreign policy. and Hilary's comment. lol.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I like some diplomacy...and I like some 'bullshit' language. The balance ... that's the thing.

Juanita said...

Yeah, we prefer the real side rather than the sugar coated goodness we're offered. The oil biz is another issue. I hope we don't end up like our Nigerian brothers.