Saturday, August 14, 2010

petty sentimentalism

i believe religion is one of the most confusing of all human pursuits in this world!!!

some believe in God the father, others believe in Allah the most gracious and still some think it's all about light and sound!!! me think it's a big joke!!!

but pal what's making me tell you this again is this thing ongoing about GROUND ZERO!!! and some Americans we are told are saying that a mosque should not be build on that ground because it's slap on their 'sensitivity'? what rubbish!!!
what sensitivity?

what have these ones done about the scores of atrocities their forefathers unleashed on the native Americans? or is it the case that they don't have anything to be sensitive about?

Obama has been very charitable by playing diplomacy like he is noted for. Americans are lucky i'm not their president, else i would have told them all that anyone against the building of that mosque simply bcos it's against their sensitivity must be sick in the head!!! such petty sentiments cannot be allowed to overrule rational choices!!!

i'm just getting sick and tired of such human failures pal. for all these years that human beings have inhabited this earth and with all the examples from history to guide us, when we keep pushing such things which is based on nothing but sheer sentimentalism i wonder when we would learn to reason!

indeed if Obama had agreed with the opposition to the building of this mosque i'd have called him a fool bcos that would have gone against all the ideals he campaigned for mainly being: equal opportunities for all without bias for sex, religion, colour, etc.

who says that just bcos some extreme islamist did some wrong then that wrong should be tagged to the Islam religion as a whole??????????????

Pal, even as i would call for the end to religion anyday, i'd say let people learn to reason and let's have a stop to all the petty sentimentalism.


Nana Yaw Sarpong said...

pretty good.It was what i expected Obama to do.

Anonymous said...

Actually I’m against the building of any new religions buildings. The ones that are already there I will graciously allow to stay. Whatever god gave all these revelations to the writers of the myriad of holy books was a little mischievous, deliberately dictating contradictory things and even telling some of His scribes that this one was the only way.

But the problem is some Muslims have openly stated they have an agenda to create parallel structures within their host country as a way to its Islamification, aiming to re-establish the caliphate. The mosque is being seen by some as a symbol of this process.

But why build a mosque? Why invest money in a place which only a minority will use when 911 affected all people? Why not build an Islamic centre for performing arts? Or would that offend countries such as Iran who recently made decision that the teaching of music is un-Islamic? I propose a pig farm or dog breeding centre. Or how about a Jewish synagogue! Any objection to these would surely be petty sentimentality!

But why not build something that would truly unite those affected by 911? That to me is the real mystery and it was leads me to suspect there are other agendas.

novisi said...

@Nana Yaw,
i expect no less really.

novisi said...

i believe you have given more insight into this issue to strike more 'balance' lacking in my post.

the issue of the caliphate is another angle. but really, isn't that all about 'fears' of people?

but i would ultimately go with you that no religious buildings should be put up at all. for me religion should remain a private affair and never a pursuit for a state.

Anonymous said...

Hi Novisi,

Yes the Caliphate is certainly about people's fears. It is my fear too. I don't want to live in a religious state no matter what that religion is. And I specifically do not want to live under Sharia Law!

But I wonder if we have all been too hasty on this issue.

I have been researching further and it seems this mosque is going to be built 3 blocks away, not on the site of ground zero. It also seems that it is going to offer a community centre with swimming, restaurants, an auditorium and other community spaces. So perhaps my point about open access was too hastily made. I wonder if it will allow mixed swimming or segregated?

Some Americans will indeed see the establishment of this building as a kick in the teeth whilst some Islamists will see it as a symbol of victory.

The problem about yet another new religious building remains.

The other problem is one of trust and motivation. There is clearly a lot of work that needs to be done here.