Friday, August 27, 2010

if i were Nkrumah

i'm still observing issues on the Ghanaian political scene!!!
and a lot of stuff make me wish i could just take myself out of this generation into which i was born and find me some more sane space in some place with a different breed of human beings who are not stuck with human worship!!!

who the hell is Mills?

president and so? adult and so?
if i'm supposed to respect a servant of mine, a chief one for that matter simply because he's so old or because he himself does not understand that his position is no matter what name is given it (president, emperor, sultan or prime minister) is one that is supposed to make him my chief servant then to hell with leadership!!! in my kind of world a leader is simply a servant!!!

anyway, Mills is the least of my worries!!! my worry is with the many people around him, 'within' him, without him, and far from him who just keep spewing rubbish!!!

the son of Ghana's first presidents is one of those spewing a lot of rubbish! but even that is not my concern here!!! my concern is the rubbish supposedly coming from the family of this son of Nkrumah. They claim Sekou is embarrassing them!!! what rubbish!!! embarrassed indeed!!!

Pal, i have little pity for those who make their sensitivity override reason!

and so I wish i were Nkrumah!!! and if i were Nkrumah (pun? no Sekou is Nkrumah), I would have issued a counter statement claiming that even though i don't agree with Sekou Nkrumah I'm not embarrassed because someone who shares the same surname with me is speaking his 'mind'.

if these guys are embarrassed so what?????? indeed i pray that Sekou does not give up but continue to spew his rubbish as much as he can if he really believes in what he is saying else he should tell us a different story.

cheers pal,


Gifty said...

oh YES YES i couldn't agree with u even more.. when i read that joy f.m article i was like wtf?? really?? speaking ur mind is now embarrassing?? it's not like he's doing it in a rude way... smh

Nana Yaw Sarpong said...

my best post

kekeli said...

Wow you're livid right now ,yeah?

Abena Serwaa said...

Hmmm Novisi, I see your point but I don't entirely agree with you....I can understand why Sekou's family called him to order but I think they should have taken him on in private rather than in the press. He is entitled to his own opinion but he should remember that with his name comes the burden of a legacy he has to respect and live up to whether he likes it or not. Someone had remind him of that..