Wednesday, September 1, 2010

who needs investigation?

I don't!
I don't need any Anas or whoever to conduct an investigation, Jack Falcone (Joaquin Garcia) style before I would know that there is ROT in the Ghanaian system!

as far as i'm concerned, Anas is only acting soap operas, only these acts are real-life-infused which people would now have to look forward to to watch and 'enjoy', talk about like they were so shocked about what i don't know and it would pass and then will come the next episode: 'orphan's home of hell.'

maybe i'm so sick and tired of the pretense of Man and Woman that i don't get the joke! maybe too, for a person like me who declared at the age of about 16yrs that nothing more in this world would shock me, i'm just stuck in there!!!

so what has changed under the Ghana sun? I wonder!!!

for me anyone who expresses shock at these revelations from Anas is out of touch with reality! my candid opinion pal!!! From the mental hospital to the cocoa smugglers to the 'working gals' (and i'd have loved to be a client of working gals) revelations with all the james bond style spying, i have kept asking what is it that people want to see before they know that there's a lot of rot underneath many of the fine faces we see?

who does not know that many of the NGO's on 4wheel-drives criss-crossing the country are only making 'profit' to serve some ill ends???????? so what the hell is shocking about this revelation from Anas?

i don't mind if i'm the only one screaming! i just don't get it! and i refuse to be sold in on some pretense!

anyway! i just wanted to let this off my mind!
cheers pal.


Nana Nyarko Boateng said...

real talk

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is the real tragedy – not that people are treated as chattel, not that there is corruption, not that children are left to rot in Ghana’s care facilities and prisons, but that everyone knows about it and no one cares enough to act. Or is it that we all feel too powerless in the face of a system that uses bureaucracy to prevent action? I wish I knew the answers.

Sorry to raise this, but I wonder if this could be part of a deeper issue. I observe a problem with the way many mothers care for their children. Death appears to be taken casually. Neglect is not seen as such. There is a lack of empathy and compassion. Is this a result of the brutalisation of poverty or something much darker within the belly of Ghanaian society?

Tetekai said...

novisi, we all know about it yet do nothing, that is the tragedy. We hardly give much thought to the problems that we deem as far away from us and Anas brings it home with what he does.

I do agree with grahamghana. Is there something darker that makes us turn away and pay lip-service to care and compassion?

novisi said...

Nana Nyarko,

novisi said...

@grahamghana and Tetekai,
it really is the real tragedy. authorities don't make sure that the working class are properly catered for and they don't supervise meaning they don't do their jobs properly and people are hardly held to account and we keep going in circles.

on the 'darker' issue, i just wish i had the answer. it seems to complex to comprehend. but for me at least the situations that can be made right and ought to be done must just be done. else we would never know where to tackle the 'darker' issue from.

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

Let's not give up on these "investigators".
I believe the work they are doing is very necessary. We could use more investigative reporters. Heck, we could all be undercover investigative reporters with our cell phone cameras.
However, I'd recommend that the reporters go a step further before wrapping up the report.
E.G. If it is an investigation of corrupt & abusive customs officers at the border, hand the report over to the head of customs dept and conclude the report with the actions he takes.

We are aware of these issues around us but we rarely step in to direct the complains to the proper authorities that will take action. Not an easy thing to do but once you get started, it comes easy every time.
We won't get tired of these investigative reports if we start seeing the culprits pay for the wrong they do.