Friday, July 30, 2010

g-string strumming

tell me abena,
so if i bought you a g-string

would you
take it and pose indifference
with a mumble hardly sounding like 'thank you'?

or would you
be thrilled about the idea
beam with smiles
and yet show me the door
with a note of:
'thanks but no thanks!'

or would you
snatch it from me
give me a dirty slap
and yet grab me by the hand
while you
lead me to the room upstairs
leaving me to gape in helpless awe
how irresistible it fits your musical curves


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

I would prefer the slap...hehehe

Muze said...

well excuse me. lol.


Enyonam said...

D-A-M-N! I would hyperventilate so badly.... lol!

novisi said...

@Nana F-A,
and the slap you shall have. lol.

hi there! hope you holding up good. well you are excused. haha! thanks for sharing.

just say that again. and i'd be held spellbound. lol. cheers!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

For a chance to see the musical curves, I'd rather the dirty slap.

novisi said...

@Nana Yaw,
i'm you'd enjoy your bargain. i like that.

Abena Serwaa said...

Thanks for the G-string in advance Novisi :) Very handy for hiding that pesky panty line in trousers!

novisi said...

Hi Abena,
needless to say i love your name. and i'm glad you appreciate in advance. it means i don't have to worry. lol.

Tye said...

HA! "musical curves" *ten thumbs up!* :D

novisi said...

thanks for appreciating.

kekeli said...

Nice piece , although I can't help thinking of dental floss. I'm just saying.

novisi said...

yeeeeeeeeeeee! at least i guess some music added to the 'dental floss' experience should help a great deal. wink!

U9s said...

aaahhh Novi! well since it's you, I like the second one......the thrill, the smile and then the door and if u hesitate then the slap will be handy.....ha ha haaaa! I know it sounds harsh but I luv u anywayz!

novisi said...

i can feel your excitement! the thrill. lol. luv you too like never b4.