Friday, July 9, 2010

happy for Rawlingses

Pal dear o dear!

i just want to tell you that i feel so 'inundated' with happiness for the Rawlingses. i just do.

the reason: bcos their house got burnt!!! yes oooooooooo!!! and dare not try to take that hapiness from me.

first that occurence presented us with one young fun-seeking guy who instead of investing his time asking questions rather chose to make a ruling as if he was God our father who at in heaven; declaring rather without proof that he knows as a matter of fact that Rawlings himself torched his house. and that was just the beginning of another dramatic chapter in all the winding stories of the Rawlingses. First i thought the guy was a fool who thinks party politicking means one should say anything at all to make himself look like the champion of his political party. but later i was happy too that it happened. i was happy bcos it became a high-profile issue that presented another test for democracy in Ghana. i believe an unexamined life is not worth living pal. get my drift?????? well the case is in court. not that i trust our courts. i don't!!! but that's another story.

but now, the new twist to this whole saga is the claim by Mrs Rawlings that they are looking for a place to rent. Thank God!!! i breathed with happiness!!! if after all these years in public office; having accumulated enough resources from the tax payer for personal gain, it would turn out that the Rawlingses have no roof to hide under as husband and wife to continue 'consummating' their marriage in the privacy of their nakedness then that is wonderful news. wonderful pal!!! that's the word: wonderful.

So govt is supposed to give them accommodation?????? hel no!!! i say hell no!!! never again!!!

but THE REASON FOR THE REASON why I'm happy for the Rawlingses is the fact that this whole drama presents Ghanaians (i don't consider myself one anymore) with the opportunity to look themselves in the mirror and spit at the images they see for allowing the establishment of ex-gratia for ex-presidents. when that is done, Ghanaians would grow wiser and resolve never to allow such animal-characteristic exploitations ever again!!!

Pal, i swear!


Abena Serwaa said...

Interesting take Novisi. I totally don't agree that anyone can be happy at anyone losing property, memories or anything like that. I also feel that this whole housing debacle is media-orchestrated, hyped and exacerbated. Mrs. Rawlings had spoken at length about other issues when she was asked about the fire and their current lodgings. She answered. The media then took it, ran with it and have the whole nation talking about this issue! Senseless.

Nana Yaw Sarpong said...

look here my friend, when it happened, i told a few friends around that this was another opportunity for people to 'chop' Ghana small. For the rawlingses to get themselves another home. hahahahaha it is happening

novisi said...

Hi Abena,
i get you on the media hype. but i guess that's what the media would always do for competitive advantages etc.
However, i would rather blame those who use the media to put out messages for failing to be very clear in what they say and seize opportunities to make corrections when necessary.
Again, for me this whole issue really is about Ghana with such a small size of economy being burdened to provide houses for ex-presidents. This i believe does not make sense on any measure of equity, given that presidents during their term of office are paid well while they hardly spend on everyday expenses.

so really my happiness would only be made meaningful if it is linked to the total eradication of that bad exploitation of the tax payer called ex-gratia.

@Nana Yaw Sarpong,
hmmmmmmmmmm, i guess they think there can be no other bloody 'revolution'. time would tell.

Edward of PathGhana said...

If you would wanna lose your nationality just cuz of this saga, then too bad for you man. I think there is more to come so brace urself!

novisi said...

lol. I actually determined long a go (some time in 2008 finally) to dissociate my self from any nation (Ghanaian or whatever), race (black or white or green) and other such 'by-force' associations like African, European, etc.

I don't see the sense in calling my self any of such things. i have come to realize that my spirit should not be limited by such needless classifications.

so my decision is not about this issue and really i believe i have too much toughness for the worst that could happen. so i'm ready; more than braced up.

Anonymous said...

Novisi - how do we get in touch with you? You don't have any contact info on your site?

Anonymous said...

In response to your comment to Edward. I understand your point about not wanting to be restricted to or identify with labels regarding nationality or ethnicity. But, from the experience of Europe, I think there are dangers in this approach.
The project of globalisation is to remove borders and national identities in order to create one market so that we can all be sold Coke and Nike.

We can understand many African conflicts as the result of the colonial creation of counties where tribes, which were normally living separately, are now forced together under one set of laws and identities. The colonialists just saw Africans – they couldn’t recognise the subtle differences in identity.

I never wanted to identify as English – ever – and not even as British. However, living in Ghana has made me realise the uniqueness of my cultural identity and to fall in love with its eccentricities. My new English identity is now my protection against imperialism that wants one world market under their control. It tells me that the way I do things is OK because it is ‘true’ - because it belongs to me and my culture. In doing so, it gives me the security to look at other cultures and not feel threatened because they do things differently.

The cause of much racism in the UK is because people feel their English identity is being removed from them. Blair actually believed in doing this as a positive thing!

We cannot really escape our cultural identities although we can attempt to overcome them. We can live out Nietzsche’s project to become the √úbermensch (over-man). To strive to overcome our human constraints, the constraints of our culture and the limitations people create for us. To overcome the morality and the values of our current age in order to become truly free spirits.

novisi said...

hi grahamghana,
Thanks for sharing. that is a really deep exposition from you that's looking at all the sides.

i agree that we can't remove ourselves from our cultural identities totally. i know that when i walk down the streets i'd be identified by the language i speak, sometimes the dress i wear, the colour of my skin etc. but at the same time i choose to dissociate myself as much as i can. so that i'm not put into any pigeon hole by others unnecessarily.

anyway, my email address is

best wishes.