Thursday, July 8, 2010

i am gay

i don't care what you think of me.
i don't care whether you think i'd end up in hell fire or under the feat of Lucifer and be perpetually tortured by some phantom perception of yours.

i'm just sick and tired of all the attempts by some individuals to determine how their fellow human beings (adults) should live their sexual lives.

what the fuck? i say i'm gay. i fuck my fellow men in their ass with my WORDS and if you can't stand it then go 'eat' yourself up with your rage for all i care!!!

ok, pal, i'd stop here before you finish eating up yourself since starting this gave me an idea for a poem. meet you on the other side.



Edward said...

Its a very grey area, I just hope one day all answers will be revealed to us! Cheers

Abena Serwaa said...

Wow Novisi, I see you decided to be quite polemic these days. Good for you. I admire the way you are using this approach to spark debates on issues...

novisi said...

i hot too. but until our hopes are manifested why don't we just allow adults to have the freedom to determine for themselves who they want to have consentual sexual relationships with?

i'm just expressing myself. lol.

Anonymous said...

OK now I admire you because you are willing to take a risk which the stupid would misconstrue. There was once a T-shirt that read “We are all HIV positive” which only the conscious could wear. By taking this stance you've tackled the last remaining acceptable prejudice!