Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank you Suarez

it took the hand of Suarez to deny Ghana a place in the Semi-finals of the 2010 world cup and i thank him dearly.

i was really terrified that the black stars would win the world cup. they were too good to be ignored. damn!!!

reason???? well just my fear that the nation Ghana which i'm associated with would have been 'compelled' to waste obscene amounts of monies on a few individuals. for even reaching just the quarter finals here is what we have $20,000 for each player http://news.myjoyonline.com/worldcup/201007/48759.asp.

that is aside all the bonuses for wins, appearances, progressions, per diems paid to cover the 30 days which was not all spent in SA, etc.

So i'm very thankful to Suarez.

and i pray that until we learn to apply equity (i wonder what Ignatius Gaisay got for all the gold medal he got for Ghana!) we should not win such events!!!

Oh Suarez, i'd remain thankful to you!!!


Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

Any idea where the bonuses for the players will be coming from? I'd like to know. I'm guessing it was included in the budget before the games started. I'm all for decent compensation for a good job done and the Black Stars surely have earned something decent. They are pros and soccer is all they do. I'm proud of each of them for identifying their talent and strengths early, working hard & developing themselves to be able to represent the country at this level.
If their compensation is what will encourage another kid to find their talent and become a pro at what they do best, then I'm all for the disbursement of the bonuses.

Keep in mind that if the money has already been set aside for the players, it is highly unlikely that its going to be re-assigned for use elsewhere if it doesn't go to the players.
You are right there are cons with Black Stars advancing, but I see more pros.

Regarding the Gaisay guy you mentioned; I have high expectations of Prof. "Padigo" Dodoo the new Chairman of the Ghana Athletics Association and I hope he takes good care of Gaisay.
I think he was a jumper too so that should help.


Adjoa said...

For making it to the stage Ghana did FIFA paid Ghana Football Association 14 million dollars. So technically the money the country spend the players actually earned.

Had they won the match they lost the payment would have almost doubled.

I totally agree with Ghana hall of shame.

Nana Yaa said...

Hey I have an idea for you....

Instead of you wishing bad luck on the Black Stars (who by the way have brought so much joy to some of us) because you are worried about the government and the country that you have been so unlucky to be associated with, why don't you-

1) Renounce your citizenship and move to a country that you would feel more fortunate to be a part of-- I hear Sweden is a lovely country


2) Run for a government position and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

because sitting here and writing these posts isn't doing anything to make it better.

novisi said...

@Nana Yaa,
thanks for sharing.
however your suggestions are rather belated though better late than never.

1. i came to the realization long ago and i have taken proper hold of my personal sovereignty and i'm not giving it to no so called 'country' which is nothing but an artificial creation. so no Ghana and no Sweden and no nation. my spirit cannot be boxed into such fantasies.

having said so i'm also a realist who knows what to do to survive in this world. hence my practical steps aimed at getting around should not be confused as against my beliefs, philosophy, etc.

2. run for a govt position. well it's an option, but i bet you with my kind of ideas, i'd be crucified like Jesus bcos i'd come with fire in the form of words sharper than daggers that would stab and rip apart the raw hearts of men and women raw. on the other hand, let us not reduce political activism to just govt positions or the run for such. we must encourage people who would just sit back, observe critically and give us the other sides of the coin while we probably get lost on the enjoyment of just one side.

by the way, my wish for the black stars was not bad luck. perhaps i love the black stars more than you do. i'm not one of those who doubted their capabilities. i'm not like even the coach who did not know that he had to either play Prince Tagoe as a central forward or put him on the bench. i know some stuff about the black stars and i watched and cheered them.

what i've said is that i feared they would win the cup to our detriment and i gave my reasons. simple as that.

novisi said...

the money earned was not earned out of a private practice!!! it was not private business my dear.

that money was earned in the name of each and every single citizen of Ghana. the jerseys those guys put on to play were won on behalf of the many many many Ghanaians many of whom even invested more just to watch them play. that alone should be seen as a big honour done these players. it's like having a president. the position is held in trust by the person of the president on behalf of the citizens. and not all of us could match onto the field even if we all could play football at the same level (you need only eleven players for that).

so let's be careful the way we look at the money from fifa.

novisi said...

Blogger Ghana_Hall_of_Shame,
thanks for sharing too.

i think my point is summed up some how about what you say about the Gaisay issue. that we can only hope!!! that is the horrible state of affairs we have. why should it be about reduced to hope and the personal capacity of an individual (prof Dodoo in this case) to deliver what needs to be done? why don't we have standards which would just work?

i've heard of the argument about the source of some of the monies. and i don't see the big deal. at the end of the day it is money for the people of Ghana as a collective generally. so if we would say that footballers earned money for the nation so we should give them whatever amount then we should say also that presidents who go to solicit funds for Ghana should be given whatever amounts out of such funds.

the guys represented Ghana. they did not go there to represent themselves.

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

When you own a company, your best bet to increase productivity is to have a goals & incentives program. Tell our staff these are the rewards if they meet these goals. The money for the incentives comes from the profit due to them meeting their goals thus increasing productivity.
These players put in the work.
A president going out to solicit funds would not have accomplished anything to deserve a reward until the projects the funds was meant for have been successfully implemented.
Meanwhile, in an incentives and goals program, the goals arent your everyday work activities. It involves going above and beyond your daily duties.

We are all tired of the tired politicians. We long for progress, change. So when I see someone young, intelligent & also an athlete like Dodoo picked to head GAA, I get excited and cant wait to see him bring the much needed change. Hope & support is the least I can do from the sidelines.

novisi said...

@Blogger Ghana_Hall_of_Shame,
i believe the difference is that the whole idea of a nation which represents a basic principle somehow of 'communal association' is different from setups such as companies and hence some things that apply to building nations cannot be traded for some the running methods of companies such as classical 'profit' making.

however, i don't discount hope. i hope too. i know prof Dodoo personally and i have a lot of respect for that guy. but i still hope (hope! yes) that we move on to higher heights. cheers.

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

Ghana changed paths in the early '80's. We embraced the western type democracy along with capitalism, and we've been losing our communal characteristics since then.
Since we aspire to be capitalists like the western world that dictates to us, why not embrace the profit-making model that goes with it?
That is the choice we need to make and accept since we are already on the road to capitalism.

How can we motivate ourselves to be productive? We have the brains. We have the resources. Any suggestions?