Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I protest!
the artificial nation Ghana which i'm 'fortuned' or 'misfortuned' to be a citizen of but from which i long ago re-claimed my personal sovereignty has decided to have registered all mobile-phone sim-cards in use and I PROTEST.

apparently some people are having wet dreams that they are bound to bust more criminals once they have people register their sims bcos criminals use mobile phones too. and i don't see the farce!!!

recently someone initiated a text message that did not allow people good sleep and rendered Ghanaians almost to a sorry-pity for fear of the occurrence of an earthquake that only proved to be a hoax. Pal, to be frank with you, i was very excited about the idea of the hoax. i actually went like "wow"! that someone came up with such an idea that would make people run out of their beds in hasty-frenzy in search of escape routes from earthquake while mobile companies who make lower returns in the night (off-peak) got a good opportunity to cash in on all the frantic calls.

later i met some people who expressed worry over the hoax that it could have lead to heart attacks or even deaths etc. Yes! it's true that people could have died bcos of a simple hoax on a whole nation but so too people die out of merry making like football victory celebrations. the victories of the black stars in SA has lead to the death of some. so should we stop playing football? indeed on the flip side such a hoax to me serves as a good alert of natural disasters whose occurrence we should be mindful of and be prepared for those inevitable situations.

but instead of people looking at the positive side of this issue which means that there's no absolute rule that it's a totally bad case, we have been told to register our sim cards so that next time the originator of such a hoax would be busted!!! for what purpose pal? i don't get it!!!

tomorrow is the deadline and i'm still wondering whether i should continue using a mobile phone at all. i just hate this whole registration of sim idea. indeed i left the MTN network bcos their customer service staff told me they could not help me get a replacement for my lost chip bcos i did not register it. I told them even if they were going to give me a fortune for that registration i would not do it and that i had done a replacement before and that they should check their database for my records but they would not yield. so i walked away to another network. this was some 5 years ago. Pal, i've really tried to capture that story in this few words. it was more dramatic that it reads here. and now this needless one!!!

really all i need my phone for is to be able to make calls that would go through and secondly remain connected till either of the conversing parties ends the call. so i don't want to register!!! i just don't want to!

Pal, simply i believe sometimes some people just ejaculate at the wrong time and it ends up giving them illusions!!!



Nana Yaw Sarpong said...

some ideas are good, but bad for the wrong reasons. registering gives the nation the data it needs, but i'm asking whether we cannot get the same data via another existing channel.

I don't see why i should leave my office to go to tigo or mtn just to show my id card, make a photocopy and come back! Nonsense. I did mine while at the mall 5 days ago. I nearly walked out of the office because i was there for 10 minutes or more and no one said sh*t, if not for the beautiful lady i was with. Hahahahaha.

But i like the ejaculation part though

novisi said...

lol. i just don't like this outcome of the ejaculation. for me this is not needed. we can do just fine without it. really i wonder if the police would be coming after me should someone still my phone and use it to commit a crime. i don't like any form of engagement with the police just as i hate to go to a hospital. so i just protest!

Anonymous said...

Your heretical, confrontational perspectives seemed designed to go against the grain of comfortable perceived wisdom. You are going to disturb the blissful lives of the people if only they would draw themselves away from entertainment news and read your blog.

The reasons for the registration of sim cards reminds me of the UK governments attempt to bring in national ID cards, arguing it would stop terrorists. Our culture is funny in that the more something doesn’t work the more we do of it. The more crime there is, the more laws we make, the more police we employ and the more prisons we build. When that doesn’t work we do more of the same. We seem incapable of looking at things from a different perspective and seeing if that offers different solutions.

Criminals are professionals at breaking the law. That’s their job. Are ID cards or registered sim cards going to stop them? They will find new strategies because, whereas we are stuck in one approach, they are far more creative. Perhaps we should be learning from them and not from the righteous?

novisi said...

thanks for sharing. you're probably right about my 'style'. i just try to look at issues from different angles. but come to think of it, ideas need not be comforting to make us act.

and i just agree with the more light you've thrown on the issue: criminals are professionals indeed. thanks.