Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the annoying part

pal dearest of all dear!
there's an ongoing tussle over the state of Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana: to make it a Graduate mixed-gender facility or not. well, we are being told that a trade of legal techniques would crystallize the way forward. so i wait to see the outcome. i have had my own 'outcome' even before the tug-of-war began. but i'd still wait.

what for me is just annoying is the pretense of some of the old-boys of the hall who say the the current student generation are taking the tradition of VANDALISM to the extreme!!! and so the make all sorts of fallacious claims under the guise of advising to the current students to conduct themselves properly. the cheek of it pal, the cheek of it!!! these are guys who during their time in school did equal stuff or worse.

pal, i'm not against discipline. what i'm against is the penchant of some of these old boys to make false comparisons between the present and the past. Indeed, those old boys like the current vice president of the republic of Ghana who make such false comparisons would rather do themselves a lot of good if they all just face the reality that not much has changed in terms of the actions of the current students compared to those of the past.

these ferry-tales of "oh during our time bla bla bla" should come with reality checks. so please, spare me pal, spare me!!!


Anonymous said...

In my view, Ghana needs more vandals. A respectful disrespect for authority is no bad thing!

novisi said...

as a vandal myself, i can't agree with you more!!!

Nana Yaw Sarpong said...

man, as a fresh old vandal, i'm proud to be part of a group so well co-ordinated. I just don't support some of the utterances from co-old v-mates for one reason: it betrays the vandalism motto, 'truth stands.'

eii as for the inconsistencies on the part of the registrar and the pro-vice, hmmmm. All of a sudden, our mothers and sisters also deserve commonwealth hall.

As for the university, it'll lose all its cases because they want to bhave like dictators, and we are not children anymore than yesterday

novisi said...

hi Nana Yaw Sarpong,
i'm just used to calling you Obed, lol. i'd change!

you are just right about that motto: truth stands.