Friday, June 25, 2010

i want the black stars beaten

i've already told you i don't believe in the principle of patriotism. it's one of those things i consider as a mirage.

but that is by the way!!! i just don't want you to question me about it and that's why i remind you pal. and the n there's the case of the pride of Africa being carried by the Black Stars, and i don't even want to hear about that 'thing'. what pride???? the slums all over the place??????

seriously i want the black stars of Ghana to be beaten so they can be out of the world cup. and i want them beaten because they have overly proven to me that they are capable of winning the world cup!!! forget their loss to the Germans and forget the coach (he's just one of the many helping to deplete the resources of Africa with their huge payslips). The Black Stars have played very solid football and i just fear now that they could win the cup!!!

and i fear and so want them out bcos i happen to be a 'by-force' (by birth) citizen of this nation Ghana where any success in football makes people act like animals. forget the ordinary citizens who may go naked to my delight or the many who would engage in free-flow-boozing or free-flow sexual escapades. i don't condemn those at all. what i fear is the penchant of govt to suddenly forget all the many problems facing the nation once there's glimpse of a football success!!! they would splash huge sums of monies on our footballers as if we don't have people dying from their lack of action to prevent floods, as if Korlebu Hospital is not struggling to have a functional lift even, as if our roads are not death traps! as if school children are not forced to sit in classes under trees etc etc etc!!!

and so far the signs don't look good. already the footballers have been assured of per diem in full for the whole duration of the tournament whether they stay in SA till the final or not!!! over 2000 or so supporters have been sponsored by govt to watch the games on our behalf. then there are winning bonuses to be given and so on!!!

So i fear Pal, i really fear!
therefore i pray that the journey of the black stars in the world cup be truncated somehow till our leaders grow (yes, they are toddlers!!! so they act!!!) to see that football is a fantasy that serves not much more to the masses apart from entertainment!!!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting thoughts. Unconventional to say the least. I suppose you might liken it to the oil curse in African countries where all previous progress is retrogressed due to the discovery of oil.

I must however disagree if only for the fact that the World Cup has been the most exciting part of my summer thus far and I don't quite want it to end yet. Which is what would happen if the Stars got kicked out.

Pardon the frivolity, if you will. ..

Anonymous said...

I think you're being a bit melodramatic. Every nation celebrates when its team wins a sporting event. It's not just Ghanaians or even other Africans - Americans and Europeans do it too.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

At first, your title alarmed me, but on realizing that you're warning against debauchery and wasteful government spending, I understand how you feel. But I still was the Black Stars to go as far as possible; even win it.

Anonymous said...

This kind of thinking will only make you miserable. Immerse yourself in football, watch more chat shows and music TV, watch soap operas and reality TV to involve yourself in real life and talk about it the next day with your friends,worship everyday and think about your rewards when your body rots. Most importantly - don't think.

novisi said...

I agree with you about the excitement this world cup has brought. only for me the excitement goes beyond the black stars. indeed, i'd be 'partying' throughout till the last whistle with or without the black stars. i just love good football and i mostly don't really care who is playing it.

i understand that the crust of my write up is not conventional. i don't try to follow conventions really. it all depends on the situation, you see?

novisi said...

thanks for sharing.
what you say is true. i would just add that sometimes people support teams competing against their nation and there's nothing wrong with that. it's a sport that that's supposed to improve interaction anyway.

the celebration is good and it's not my worry at all.

novisi said...

@Nana Yaw,
exactly so!
i'd love black stars to win the cup too especially because of the backlash Ghanaians have heaped on them in recent time. Such a win would make me mock some of my friends big time for writing them off.

it's just that i'm compelled to look at life after the win. and then the fear grips me. the 'expected' reaction of leadership scares me.

novisi said...

lol. you made me crack up real hard. my ribs... you make me feel like i could tease you and make you cry!!! hahahahaha

i'm already immersed in football heavily and i bet you have no idea. not that i need to anyway. the first kind of news item i check on the internet is sports: football and athletics and i actually hunger for such news.

but some of your recommendations are rather startling to me too: i should stop thinking? hehe!!! that would mean the life is gone out of me and the body is just about beginning to decay!!!

but more funny is the fact that if i choose to watch soaps or reality TV shows i need my 'thinking ability' to even understand before going to discuss as you suggest.

wow!!! you are so hilarious.