Saturday, June 12, 2010

football and self-re-assesment on my mind - i post again

if ever there was any doubt that i was ever going to blog again then let that doubt be gone in the name of jesus!!!

there's the blow of vuvuzela down in the south and it's all about the world cup fever!

there are many reasons why i started to blog in the fist place. one major reason why i opted to blog is that fact that i have very strong views about some things and i wish to have those views documented for evidence to show when need be as i usually do engage in debates in which i need to show proofs. many issues have passed and i've failed to document my views here to my own disappointment!!!

just gone by in the football world is the historic win of the UEFA champions league by Inter wiht Jose Morinho as the 'special' coach. well it came to pass, but i had since last year supported Inter to win it. i'm a confessed follower of Mourinho. indeed i don't support teams. a whole team may just piss me off bcos of some particular incident or person. i consider football to be a game in which anything at all can happen so i don't tie myself to it like some people do. hence it's one area of life in which i feel so free to explore my desires no matter what. and for now i'm following Mourinho to Real Madrid and hopefully we'd make another his-story there and move on back to England to Manchested United to try the English game again as the story seems to be shaping out (i'm guessing!!).

ok, so back to the Sough of Africa and it's just beginning. but to be frank i don't see any big deal about this World Cup hosting that is so special. Africans want us to believe that this is something they have pulled off and so should be respected for it. well, i'm not one of those and i don't think this thing should represent any need for respect for my abilities as a human being. What is happening in South Africa has had a lot of inputs from Europe etc anyway. so where is the big deal???? so far as i'm concerned Africans should be ashamed of themselves that they have allowed themselves to be subjected to all sorts of nonsense by both their own making and by the making of others!!!

am i to imagine that the people like the current presidents of Ivory Coast, Togo, Sudan, etc would be watching these games and be proud to be associated with the event by virtue of them being Africans??????????? how horrible when these are people who have in more ways than one helped to run Africa down.

anyway, i'm supporting the following teams: Brazil, Netherlands and Spain (because they have shown enough consistency with good football play) and i'd be watching these teams: South Africa (bafana bafana), Ghana (black stars), and Argentina because i just have some interests in their performances. at the end of all it i don't care which team wins the ultimate prize. and like i keep telling people, i'm not a patriotic person. my patriotism rests with universal principles and aspirations.

cheers pal!!!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Well, welcome back.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

coming from you I am not surprised. However, I have a divergent opinion. No country in this world can do something without the input, either directly or indirectly, of other countries. Hence, if other countries or continents made some inputs that's not the argument. The argument is that they have hosted it and baring any unforeseen problems, which I doubt they would be any, the hosting is of special significance. This argument came about that everybody, including the Europeans--knowing that they would still make an input--doubted the ability of South Africa to host this tournament. And they have been proved wrong. My worry with this is that we need not to prove anything to anybody. We think that we have to overdo things in order to be accepted. If it is equal to another European country's hosting, it is bad. It can only be good if it is better than it. This principle annoys me. Well let's see.

Mike said...

My excitement about SA hosting the games is more on the economic side. For a moment, the little guys will have an extra opportunity at making some money.

Welcome back!

novisi said...

hi guys!!!
kudos to ya'all for keeping the fire burning!!!

@Nana Yaw A.,

Nana F-A,
i guess my points can be carried in your worry too: that we need not prove anything to anybody!!! i believe that's the kind of posture we should adopt. becos really what's the point?????? are we trying to please the Europeans and the Americans and the Asians?????

you must be an economist!!! lol. cheers!

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

@Novis..yes...We need not please anyone but ourselves. If they don't see it they won't see it.