Tuesday, January 5, 2010

naked, here i come

i've been wondering about all these terrorism thing and and it's counter strategies as governments are readying themselves more than ever perhaps (with all the breathing down the neck from almighty America) to keep the Osama-like elements at bay at least.

so now it's become more apparent that some 'scanners' would strip me naked the next time i make the attempt to go through immigration to travel by air to some country!

so i'm wondering, how about me 'physically' stripping down to my bare 'load' as soon as i get to the desk of the security agents at the points of entry/exit? so they can make the scanners rest.

that might just help conserve energy as my approach would be more friendly to the environment! and it wouldn't take much effort! all i have to do is strip!


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Novisi you are funny. Okay I guess the environmentalists would agree with you 200%. Perhaps that is how it should be. We all decide to start walking naked. If the world is round and what goes around comes around and if we were really created naked and definitely we are born naked then why can't we at a certain period in time start going naked. With the call for energy conservation and global warming I think it would be cool. Yet considering that certain parts of Europe and America are experiencing their worst winter in over three decades...?

On a more serious note do you think that scanners can eliminate terrorism. Terrorism and counter-terrorism is just a race for technology--one trying to outdo the other. It used to be mechanical bombs and now it is liquid. What if it turns gas...? I mean it would go on forever. what say you....?

Nana Yaa Boatemaa said...

Novisi, I'd like to see you try that. I bet you'd never make it through security. You'd be hauled aside and branded a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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novisi said...

hey Nana,
i don't think any check can eliminate terrorism - bcos you can only check as much as you can. the the way forward i believe is for America to re-orient their foreign policies to show respect and fairness to the 'moslem' world (whoever they think they are!) and the rest of the world really. the middle east tension too!!!

else it's just going to be a cat & mouse game!!! the cat mouse will win some and the mouse will win some!!!

novisi said...

@Nana Yaa,
you don't have to worry bcos before i approach the security check point an understanding would be reached for special cases like i propose!!!

novisi said...


too bad i have no idea what you saying!!!

is that English???????????? lol.

Anonymous said...

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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Naughty Novisi. Let me suggest something else. Why not just go naked right from home? Even faster, no? ;-)

Selali said...

Hahaha, always the non-conformist. Which is why I almost always agree with you. However, you definitely have less inhibitions that I do.

On the electronic full-body strip-teasers, I was confronted with one of such monstrosities on a recent trip to the US. I chose the old scan with no voyeurs on the other side of a monitor. But by doing so subjected myself to an unplesant pat-down by brisk, intrusive hands.

So at the end of the day, I'm unsure what end of the stick I was left holding...hmmmm.

novisi said...

i guess i've to take up a job at the airport!!! cos i'm sure, on the other hand you'd be comfortable with me on the other side of the scanner!!! and i'd definitely enjoy my job with you to attend to!!!


novisi said...

@Nana Yaw,
that sounds like the wild wild suggestion!!!


sys said...

novisi, it has been a while, and i keep thinking about things still. got this to share with you and visitors to your world right here.
"It is all very well to say that man is only a casual whim in a mindless universe, that he, too, will pass. We understand that ,but disregard it, as we must. Man to himself is the All, the sum and the total. However much he may seem a fragment, a chance object, a bit of flotsam on the waves of time, he is to himself the begining and the end. And this is just. This is how it must be for him to survive."