Monday, June 14, 2010

feeling spain

i have a feeling that i just need to let out!

the ongoing world-cup in SA is about to witness a funny wet-dream of mine!!!

i just feel that Spain would totally make a meal of their group members unless the proverbial 'under-achievers' tag does them a horrible 're-enactment'.

seriously, with the current form of Spain i don't see how they won't give each of Switzerland, Honduras and Chile at least 4 goals to nothing each!!!

Pal, i'm not good at the gamble game else i'd have dared you to a bet!!!

so i say let's wait and see!!!


Ms. Cleland said...

Okie. We live to see

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

be careful for so was the thinking of Brazil until they met a determined and 'I-care-who-you-are' North Koreans.

novisi said...

@Ms. Cleland and Nana,
i thank God that i stayed true to my knowledge about myself that i'm such a terrible one at the gamble game!!!

this world cup has proven to be full of the unexpected!!!

Spain still got some 2 games to prove themselves though.

Anonymous said...