Friday, July 10, 2009

crises: talking obama in ghana

yes pal,
and i think it's just ok and not ok! (be assured of deliberate use of words here!)

Obama? he sure is a star! some Americans call him a rock star! whatever! he sure got the crowd following him just like Michael Jackson! what is left is for Obama to start having a skin collour change (he's almost there by nature and now's time for the artificial too!) and maybe get plastic for a nose and chin! MJ sure did have a hold on the world. POP star!! yeah!

so i have nothing special about the flimsy fantasies pal. Obama is human like me and that is fine! i remember the very day he announced his interest in the Democratic ticket and i stuck with him straight on having already warmed up to him while the background checking on his potential was ongoing! so i supported Obama against Hillary and the rest of the pack. and i remember my delight when i stayed up to the suffer of heavy-eyes in my hotel room that fateful morning in Rabat after watching and listening to Obama 'accepting' the Democratic ticket!

i'm drawn naturally to this man pal. i'm because he marks such a sharp difference from what Bush the bush gave this world. i share a lot in common in terms of thought with this man! and i respect him more because he is ready to admit that all the ideas he espouses are very much age old (check his inaugural speech). that we must not embark on 'foolish' (my word) wars like in Iraq! that the US must engage rest of the world in talks to reduce threats to life (nukes babe!). such things pal, such things make me respect this man! and he even inspired me to write FLAME!

but this same man has shit up his head. he says for example that Americans must not apologize for their way of life (check his inaugural speech still). and he reaffirms such 'block-headed' support for Israel against the Arabs which i believe is nothing but stupidity no matter how it may be a good game plan to win support from the Jews! how could Americans claim not to care a hoot about their way of life! IS THAT NOT EVEN A CONTRADICTION FOR ALL THE CHAMPIONING OF GREEN ENERGY BY OBAMA HIMSELF??? how could they when the amount of fuel they alone consume is a big telling on global warming! how about the savagery of the slave-trade of yesteryear from which they benefitted greatly. even the Whitehouse where Obama has his office was built by slaves with hard labour???

i did not surpport Obama because i believe in the Democratic Party. no pal! i did not support Obama because he's (half) black or because the wife is fully black. no pal, i'm no racist! the collour of the skin don't mean the collour of the shit! right???

surely i wonder how many people would have been so gay (ass loving really!) if Kwame Kilpatrick was the prez of US visiting Ghana instead of Obama for all his ills????? and so therein lies the hard truth and irony!!! i would have probably held up a placard to demonstrate against him. for all the foolishness of our authorities i feel sad i wasn't able to do a thing like that against Bush when he came to town! that man deserves worse than shoes! a nuke up his bottom would not even suffice!

so Obama is president of the USA now and he has come to Ghana! he's delivered his much awaited speech and what a brilliant speech for for saying the west is not to blame for Zimbabwe's woes! surely part of the blame goes there especially UK.

meanwhile, there's been a lot of nonsensical talk. fantasizing o babe! some say he should have visited Kenya first (much like Mills visited his home region to be crowned 'okunyi'). others say he should have visited Nigeria first!

and still some like Elizabeth Ohene would spew more shit by saying it is Ghana he is visiting first in Africa (does she know the map at all???) because the Egypt trip does not count; because he did not sleep over (but Clinton did not sleep in Ghana when he visited and it was a visit) and that he did not go there with his family! such shit! and such insult to the Egyptians and all who understand that Egypt must not be maligned foolishly. Egypt is a founding member of the OAU (now AU)!!! and there are moslems all over African and in Ghana too! so what's this former minister's point there??? she deserves a whip on the bare... this instant!!!

and just listen to these ones too talk uselessly about Obama's colour here:

KUFUOR speaks but does not seem (yes seem!) to know his own nature here:
listen to the audio but too bad pal; if you don't understand Twi. it was better for our past president to use that medium of communication else he would have rendered to us such things as: 'upholded' instead of 'upheld'. the grammer and diction sometimes is better than mine! other times too, hmmmmmmmm! so you too learn some Twi!

my dear Kufused sure knows how to bid time to release whatever bothers him for attention (Obama is in town and world media is reporting live and dead)! so Kufuor comes to ask us "what is per diem?" claiming his pay for the first 4yrs of his terms was so small compared to other presidents in Africa. he even says we should consider his law training and that even if he was so dumb he would have earned a lot lot more in the law profession!

Pal, theres no excuse to be made for any dick, tom or harry who chooses to serve the public! definitely we did not go begging anyone to lead us! Kufuor chose to elect himself for us to elect him as president! we did not force him. so why would Kufuor be telling us about the inadequacy of the Osu Castle to house his 'multitude' of grand-children and for which reason he deemed it unfit for his housing and therefore chose to live in his own house! why didn't he leave us alone to go looking after his grand-kids instead of hanging in there wasting our time???

at what cost was it to the taxpayer??? he should do the calculation and tell us all including himself! he should tell us how much fuel he consumed by just traveling from his home to the office and back!and this man tells us that it's not in his nature to be ostentatious??? what was he doing with motorcade after leaving office??? what was he doing with presidential vehicles after leaving office???? what in God's name did he buy those gold chains he awarded himself for??? Kufour obviously, either does not know his own nature or is further Kufused or that he does not know me! which one pal?

i want Kufuor to speak more but he does not! that's ok! but he must not try to water down his failures! those were gigantic failures indeed on his part! damn! the man lost a great opportunity to raise the bar and that's what i'm talking about! so then why won't Mill's and his Mutanka be thinking they can give us a 'chichinga' Muntaka clearance and we should be ok. nonsense! Mills better buck up now and verily verily right now!

so Obama has spoken to Africa! all the call for democracy is right! but i'm not one of those who think Obama must come from America before we learn to uphold democracy! Bostwana is not doing bad. SA is not bad and so Tanzania. we just need now push the rest in same/similar direction! i believe DR. Congo admidst all the chaos have the potential to rise and so too Ivory Coast and Kenya and Zimbabwe and Nigeria for Yar Adua's enthronement and Somalia and all!!!

so Obama would continue to have the crowds following him but Africa must rise now and now or else a great thunder and lightening and earthquake and tsunami and hurricane and typhoon must all combine and descend on the land!!!



sys said...

Oh yes novisi, the world they say is round (always thought it has been flat with some raised portions) and you seem to be so ... going round. you so real about issues. most people don't know the skin color has nothing to do with that of the shit, maybe the food eaten does. loved your piece and you are for real. and Oh! AU???

Darko Antwi said...

Novisi you are amazing with words and sense. Keep on Brother.

nii ayertey aryeh said...

so on point Novisi..classic piece!
no comments...

Jeffrey Ocran said...

I believe your writing skills is one of the best in Africa and you good sense of judgement is to be commended, Your analysis is first class but I have somewhat against you!!!
Be admonished in writing of books there is no end. there is no new thing under sun. This i know. My fellow African this can of piece can only appreciated by thinkers what about 70% illeterate on the continent of Africa.

Good keep it up

novisi said...

@sys, Oh yes, Galileo Gelili told the RC Church the world was round and they told him to retract or be murdered (killed?).

he prefared his life (i'd probably have done same) but today we all know who was right! and you know, my School Chaplain back in St. Peters, Nkwatia Kwahu, used to admonish us all that "whatever you eat, you shit"!

and Oh! AU, we have failed dream of Nkrumah & Co. i don't think a forced union of Africa would immediately. but what can work immediately are commitments to ensuring safe (not necessarily free) movement of people. trade too! once we start more of the people interaction, others would be added on naturally!
sys, love to you!

novisi said...

hey Darko,
i used to check your blog almost every week after meeting you over that 'debate'. i'm happy to see you again! and i've just checked your blog again! man, thanks for the love! but where can i get a copy or your book Nkrabae in Ghana? once i get my copy we'd figure out how i get your autograph!

it's such a delight to find out that there are Ghanaian writers like you out there!

novisi said...

Hi Nii,
thanks for sharing!
and thats a funny piece you got there on the 'train blamed on Obama'!

novisi said...

hi there Jeffrey,
nice to meet you and thank you so much!
i'm admonished!
it's funny though how so many people have been kept illiterates!

it's funny because, even Zimbabwe with all its problems could manage a good literacy ratio! that shows how our governments all over africa have failed miserably!

i was just imagining recently, say, what if we had better transportation systems with trains running cities. and comfortable metro buses transporting people around so that whilst in transit folks could afford to read newspapers and books instead of bumping in and out of pot holes and sweating all over!

time will tell!

Darko Antwi said...

Dear Novisi, I'm glad you would like to have a copy of 'Nkrabea'. I regret it's not yet out, although it has had much publicity. It is due in bookshops by November. When it's out, I will surely sign a copy for you.

Have a good day.

novisi said...

Ok, Darko,

i'd be waiting!

thanks a lot!

Edward said...

Initially I thought Obama was going to take a stab at re-uniting (or is it uniting?) the only 2 living ex-presidents of Ghana. Did he try and fail? or He never tried at all? Or probably he was advised by his officers against this herculean task.!!

sys said...

Hey novisi, about that comfortable bus and train ride thing @ jeff would be so wonderful. at least, i see two instant benefits.
1. you don't get to read newspapers in the office when you should be working and you'd still be well informed.

2. you get to read more than just newspapers, say motivational stuff, textbooks, course materials, the bible, etc.
gees, we'd all (well, maybe) be well informed LITERATES and know that services are not favors, at least.
love to you too, and all.

Maxine Mosley Totoe said...

I must say it is quite delightful to find Ghanaians who are so articulate! It was quite painful to listen to Atta Mills!... I thought since he is a professor, it will be quite an improvement over JAK... No wonder the masses love JJ!... He may be talking about poop and folks will still be chanting his name just 'cos he is charismatic and quite eloquent!

Anyways, back to your post- I met a lady at church who was just peeved at the thought that "Obama is going round apologizing for America's behavior". Seriously, I was so ashamed to know someone like her at that moment. What is wrong with trying to make peace with other nations after all the atrocities committed against them? America is quite the "odomfo kumfo"sometimes. I nned to stop before I take over your page!...great read!

novisi said...

I thank God Obama did no such thing.

it's a needless adventure and i keep wondering why people including all pretentious pastors and chiefs keep talking about it.

who needs (and i mean need) Kufuor and Rawlings to be friends really? same way Obama and McCain need not be friends.

i'd rather we spend time building schools than monuments to mark reconciliation.


novisi said...

oh yes sys!

and we could have parks for people to have time outs!


novisi said...

nice to have you here!

your take on charisma is interesting but i'd rather stick with the content so i don't end up bathing myself in any poop. hehehe!

i sincerely think Mills speech was ok too even thought i would have loved more profound statements!

and yeah, Obama is some times 'something' like okumfu-dumfu but he's miles ahead of most African leaders with the exception of the likes of Nkrumah in terms of ideas.

As for those who are against apology they are just being egoistic! not much more! one could only wish they were at the receiving end of all those kinds of atrocities against mankind.